Quotable: "Sellout. I hate that word. We didn't sellout at all. Some people should just pull their heads out of their asses... You're not selling out if you're on MTV. We just look at it as an opportunity for publicity and a way to get our music out to more people." - [Chester Bennington]



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The Meaningless, Pointless, Untrue Linkin Park Rumors- 7/20- In a recent interview, Mike and Chester agreed that the Linkin Park Central (www.LPCentral.go.to) is by far their favorite Linkin Park fansite...


[LiNkiN Park] Central

- Linkin Park's Debut Album, Hybrid Theory, has been declared DOUBLE Platinum!

- If you are interested in joining Linkin Park's Online e-Team, [Click Here] and sign up today...

- After reaching a peak position of 7, Linkin Park's "Hybrid Theory" is currently #9 on the [Billboard's] Top 200! The album is the also the eldest CD in the top 30!

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8.25.01- Family Values
The first date of the Family Values tour has been released. October 19th in Columbus, Ohio at the Schottenstein Center. More dates to follow. Also, the release of the video "In The End" will be September 7th, following the day of the VMA's on MTV...

8.22.01- MTV
Linkin Park performed on MTV at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Wednesday. It was a killer show! I hope everyone saw it! If you didnt, and you see this tonight, the LP show will re-air tonight at 12pm on MTV (also probably at another time/date considering we're talking about MTV). Here's the list of the songs they played...

1. with you
2. high voltage (remix)
3. crawling
4. in the end
5. forgotten
6. one step closer

Also, check out LP on MTV again performing at the Video Music Awards September 6th. They have also been nominated for Best Rock Video (Crawling) and Best Video Direction (Crawling- Joe Hahn).

8.19.01- Updates
I added some links to the Links sections. Check those killer sites out. Also, I've been awarded Site Of The Month at LP Expression. You can also check that site out and see my award!

8.16.01- Tv and Updates
Linkin Park will be on "The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" on MTV on the August 22nd 8PM Eastern time. Also, I've added a fan art section. There is only 4 now, but please send me your fan art here and i'll post it! Thanks.

8.13.01- Updates
Well, no, LP was NOT on TRL, which sucked. Sorry for the incorrect information. MTV.com even had that they would be on it. Anyway, i added a new interview, from Dynamic Rock. It's a good one, and brand new. It gives shout outs to a few cool LP sites too! Check it out!

8.9.01- Quotes
Thanks to Lindsay and Pushmeaway.com i found some quotes of bands dissing LP or supporting them. He's a few of the better ones...

"You know, it seems to be changing a little bit. The bands that blew up over the last year have been bands that are serious on the lyrical content a little more meaningful, like Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Disturbed. Itís not just fluff."- Arron Lewis from Staind

Question: How does it feel to have Linkin Park support you despite the fact they are more commercially successful right now?
Abe: I think its funny. I couldn't give a shit. They have never been over here before. Linkin Park are a band that you either love or hate and they got a lot of shit.- Abe of the Deftones

"It's so boring now, I don't really like a lot of music that's out right now. I feel partially responsible for that. We've influenced a lot of bands that I think are terrible. It's just like, c'mon - Linkin Park? Crazy Town? I just want to stab my eyeball out with a screwdriver. I've completely stopped watching MTV or M2. It's disgusting."- Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit

As much as I respect Wes as a musician, what an ass!

I also added a few Euro tour dates in the concert date section. Check them out if you live in Europe.

8.7.01- TRL
Check out TRL on MTV Friday to see Linkin Park possibly do a proformance and debut their new video for "In The End". Also, Hybrid Theory has sold over 5 million copies world-wide.

8.4.01- Lots of NEWS!
Pic From LPStreetSoldier.com Finally lots of Linkin Park news. First, Ben Graham has written a book titled Linkin Park: The Unauthorized Biography in Words and Pictures. The Book is 50 pages long and is set to be due out November 1st. This is a must item for linkin park fans! Next, the band Adema is looking to join Linkin Park and Disturbed for undisclosed dates in the fall. As for Linkin Park's new single "Papercut", it will officially be released in September which is about the time they will join the Family Values tour. Their new video for "In The End" will hit stations around mid-late August.

8.2.01- TV
No, you didn't miss it, Linkin Park was NOT on the MTV 20th Live and Almost Legal. So basically the show SUCKED because they weren't there! No j/k, it was pretty cool, but LP would have made it better. But, LP did tape the Rock Hall of Fame show, which should air soon. I'll keep you posted.

Also, as a reminder, if anyone has any FANART please email me and i'll create a section. I currently have 4! lol but i'm looking!

7.31.01- MTV
The "MTV 20th Anniversery- Live and Almost Legal" is on MTV Wednesday night. Apparently, Linkin Park is supposed to perform, but I'm not sure. They haven't been advertised on the TV commercial so we'll just have to see. I suggest you tune in and check that out because whether they play or not, there will be some kick ass performances.

7.27.01- Cribs
Well did anyone watch CRIBS? I did, and it was pretty awesome. Chesters got a pretty sweet house and an awesome ride. The entire band was there, and they were joined by memebers of Orgy and the Deftones. Everyone just chillin at Chester's home. If anyone took any snap shots of it, send it here, and i'll post them!

7.26.01- MTV
Sorry, I was out of town for a few days, then I came back and angelfire was all screwed up. Anyway, don't forget to watch CRIBS on MTV tonight, Chester's house will be on! Check your local listings. It's at 10pm PST here. Also, Linkin Park have been nominated for two awards at the MTV Video Awards. The video "Crawling" was nominated for "Best Rock Video" and "Best Direction in a Video". Other bands nominated for "Best Rock Video" are Incubus, Staind, and more.

7.21.01- Billboard
Wow! I just checked today, and i realized the Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory is number 10 on the charts!! This is amazing considering the album has been out for over 38 weeks! Anyway, i added another interview, check it out. I also put up a new meaningless, pointless, untrue Linkin Park rumor. I'm out...

7.20.01- Interview
I added a new interview today by Rock Extreme. It's really old, like before their CD was released, but it's pretty cool. Mike reveals his two favorite songs. Anyway, check that out, and i plan to get a few more up this week, i just don't have time now. Later...

7.19.01- Oops
Well, oops, something screwed up. All the news/updates were deleted except like the top three. So, those are all gone now. Luckily the whole front page wasn't deleted. I got the last update at the very bottom all the way up. The track list to the Ozzfest CD was the first thing deleted. From there all the way to the bottom was gone when i signed on today. I added two updates more for the 19th below, so don't forget to check them both out.

7.19.01- New Single
Double Platinum debut album holding band Linkin Park has released their third single. "In the End" will be rocking the radio stations across the US, as well as on MTV.

"'What initially gave me the idea is that the song doesn't really have a resolution,' said DJ Joseph Hahn, who co-directed the clip with Nathan Cox (System of a Down, Disturbed). 'It starts really empty with piano and ends off really empty. I wanted to go through that cycle, with this desert landscape at the beginning and the end but there's been this evolution and everything's grown.'

Hahn found inspiration for the clip from the paintings of Alphonse Mucha, who helped shaped the aesthetics of French Art Nouveau in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Mucha often painted figures encased in thin, twining stems, which inspired shots in the video where vines from the desert extend and wrap around the bandmembers.

After 'In The End' the band hopes to release the track 'Papercut' in the US as their next single. The track has already been released in Europe and it is unknown if a new US video will be shot or if they will use the UK one, however it's more likely the old video will be the one that is utilized." -Taken from LPWeb

7.19.01- Chat
LP will once again jump in the chat room at LinkinPark.com to socialize with all you fans. Brad, Joe, and Mike will be there on July 29th from around 12:35-12:40 PST to 1:30. Hope to see you there!

7.16.01- SOTM
Today i added a site of the month. I will change it once a month, or maybe more, because a month is a long time! So check out the SOTM above! Also, I've been suggested to add a Fan Art section, so if any of you have any fan art (that YOU made) please email it to me, and i'll post them if i receive enough. Click Here to send them.

7.15.01- Ozzfest CD
Linkin Park's track "With You" will be added to the new Ozzfest 2001 CD titled 'The Second Millenium'. It will be in all stores August 16th. There is going to be 16 tracks total recorded during early June performances. Here's the track listing

Black Sabbath - The Wizard
Marilyn Manson - The Love Song
Slipknot - New Abortion
Papa Roach - Blood Brothers
Linkin Park - With You
Disturbed - Fear
Black Label Society - Superterrorizer
Mudvayne - Death Blooms
Drowning Pool - Bodies
Union Underground - South Texas Death Ride
Otep - Filthy
Nonpoint - What a Day
Hatebreed - Last Breath
Systematic - Deep Colors Bleed
Pure Rubbish - Kiss of Death
American Head Charge - Reach and Touch

January 2001- [disclaimer]

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