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About Me

Name: Brad Fuhrman
Age: 15 yrs
Email: Volcom916@cs.com
Hard-Core LP Fan since: December 22
Other Bands: Papa Roach, Simplistic, Taproot, Incubus, 3 Doors Down, Deftones, Limp Bizkit (Old), Tool
My Band: Soft Spoken- www.softspoken.cjb.net

My name is Brad, an I have created this site in tribute to one of the greatest band's I've ever heard. After seeing Linkin Park, I felt a need to give back, for the great music they provide for my ears. After the concert, I instantly signed up for the online Linkin Park e-team and street team, and want to be as big as a part of the band a possible. I live in Sacramento, California, and I'm in a band with inspirations of Linkin Park. Our goal is to have unique sound and impact on Rock, as Linkin Park has done with "Hybrid Theory". This site, isn't much, but I'm just trying to spread the word, LP needs to tear it up nation-wide...

Check My Bands site... www.softspoken.cjb.net

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