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Mitch's Miscellaneous Matters

Thanks for your visit ... you'll find an assortment
of pages here on this miscellaneous page which is
mostly a collection of pages from several years ago,
with some new pages added since. There are some new pages as of 2010
about the CBRC and how they handle bird reports.  It is mostly a
reference site, with the oldest pages now regarded as
archived pages.   My current webpage is linked below.

Birding the Malaga Cove Drainage Area
(Adapted for the web from a "Birding P.V." work in progress.)

Birding the Palos Verdes Peninsula
Maps & locations of P.V.P. area birding sites

Vagrant Warblers of Palos Verdes Peninsula Area

Allen's Hummingbird

Island Scrub-Jay

Scanned Objects

Fossil Egg & other cool stuff

"Harbor Park" pages have been moved.
All things KMHRP are now at their own website.

(Clicking here will take you off this
website to another crazy web site.)

Bird Photo Quizzes - 175+ species

Sample Photo Quiz picture

Pelagic Seabird Photo Index

"The C.B.R.C. and Me"
This is the original portal front page for my
sad but true commentary on how the CBRC operates.
Below are links for a series of new pages (2010)
about the CBRC game (also on above page).
Lots more in the pipeline.

Scissor-tailgate review discussion
1991-035 review overview

Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel 1997
Desert rats decide seabirds

The CBRC has standards?
CBRC standards - an oxymoron

McKay's Unicorn
Rejection Unicorns

Zone-tailed Hawk 1994
the CBRC tongue-twist

CBRC Reviewers Comments
on the 6/7/89 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

Scissor-tailgate Timeline
My Story

The CBRC & Me


Mitch's Hummin' Bird Column
This link is now in working order!

Mystery Birds

Mystery Birds 2

Mystery Birds 3

Cool Links or ...
"Get me outta here!"

Searching for Southern California's Seabird Specialties ...

Southern California Swell Model

Offshore wave height, buoy readings, 3-day forecast

Site Species Index (Photos)
Last Update: June '03

Southern California Seabird Abundance Calendar

Arguello Canyon

Mitch's Sketchbook

Mitch's Boat Trip Pack List

Get me on this boat!

Condor Express Information

Learn About the Condor Express!    Condor Express Information and Sign-up

Archive Pages

SoCal Seabirds seen in '02

Mitch's Feature Article at

2003 SoCal Pelagic Schedule

2002 Pelagic Schedule

2002 SoCal Pelagic News

2001 Pelagic Schedule

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