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---- 4-29-00 ----'s been a while. Anyways, I did a complete makeover for the submission and policy pages about a week ago and forgot to write that I updated them. They now actually function.. ::gaspgasp::. Anyway, no new fics yet 'cause I don't have enough to make an update. Once again, I NEED MORE FANFICS!!! Arigatou.

---- 4-9-00 ----
After three weeks of work, I finally have the next update ready! ::golf clap:: This is a huge update, which is why it took so long. I added 35 new files to the archives and filled in the descriptions for every single story posted. ::sigh:: But now I sorted through all the backup I had and everything I currently have is up and posted. I still need more fanfics to put up minna! Send me stuff and it will get posted ASAP!

---- 3-11-00 ----
It's been a while since I last updated, but this site is still alive. I finally got some new material to post (yay!) Thanks to Kaede & Sensuha for the next threee parts of Weissroses and to a new author Yui-chan, for her first posted fic, Imperfection. Check them out in the archive!

---- 2-13-00 ----
Another new fanfic up thanks to the joint effort of Kaede and Sensuha. Thanks guys! Other than that, I've been working on the HTML for the other parts of the site that have been...neglected. I still need more fanfics!!!

---- 2-6-00 ----
Woo! Finally the long promised update. Finals are over and I pulled off the miracle I needed by a hair (Yay!). Now that I finally found some free time, I've got the first couple of fics posted. Thanks to Kaede & Miss Malice for letting me post their fics. Now when are the rest of you writers out there going to send me stuff?!? I have the time, so now I need fics!

---- 1-18-00 ----
For the next few weeks until I get everything up and running smoothly, this site will be updated virtually everyday. There might not be any major updates in the next two weeks or so because of semester finals, but expect a lot of new stuff starting in February. Check back often for changes and updates. Thank you!

---- 1-15-00 ----
Woo! My first day on the web! Not much here yet....okay, so there's virtually nothing here yet but there will be soon. I promise.


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