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Archive Policies

~ Regarding the Archive ~
All contents of Field of Stars: A Weiss Kreuz Fanfic Archive including images and coding that are not previously copyrighted, are copyrighted © 2000 to Syra. Under no circumstances can any of this material be taken and used without the express permission of the site administrator and especially not without credit.
The purpose of this site is to conviniently archive Weiss Kreuz fanfics. Because of the possibility of broken links and such, all fanfics are stored on the local server. If you would like your story(s) to be linked to off site, please make that clear at the time you submit the fanfic.
DO NOT link directly to any stories stored on this site because of problem that might arise from excessive bandwidth traffic. I will not be a happy little site administrator if I find people linking directly to the stories on this site.

In all other respects, this archive is link-free, which means you can link to this site without having to ask permission from us first. Please use the banner on the links page to link to the Field of Stars homepage. Just drop me a line if you do decide to link to me so that I can go check it out. ^.^

~ Regarding the Stories in the Archive ~
All the stories in the archive are copyrighted © to their respective authors. DO NOT take or use these stories without the authors permission. If the e-mail address is not included, e-mail me and I will connect you to the author.
It is each author's responsibility to make sure that the most recent and up to date versions of their stories are posted here. I don't have the time or the energy to be continually checking authors' personal pages to check for story updates.
I will be changing all the stories in archive so that they appear as black text on white background (or something very similar) for easy reading. Purple on green, pink on blue, and even white on black, while they might look nice, do not promote easy reading, which is the point of this site. If you have a problem with this arrangement, talk to me and I'll see if we can work something out.
At this point in time, I will not be archiving any lemon or NC-17 fanfics on this site, for several reasons. For one thing, in most places I'm not of legal age to be reading, much less posting them. Second, my server doesn't allow it. If I get enough requests to post lemons, I might try to open a connected archive on a different server, but for now at least, any lemon fics sent to this archive will not be posted. Gomen!

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