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The preferred method of submission is to include the URL to a site where I can fetch the fanfic from.
A new submission form is needed for each fanfic being submitted. The only exception is when sending multiple parts of a series. Then a submission form is only needed for the first submission and an update on the file size for each submission thereafter.
All submissions should be in either HTML or TEXT format. Fanfics will only be accepted in the body of an e-mail if they are 15 KB or less. It takes too long to reformat them if they are any longer.
All starred (*) sections of the sumission form are required for your story to be posted. Please fill out as much of the submission form as you can for easy archiving.
This submission form is to be used only if you wish to submit an original Weiss Kruez fanfic to this archive, update a story already in the archive, or make a change to the information displayed about your story.
All changes will be made during the next update which tend to be every two weeks. If you do not see your change in the archive, please wait through at least two updates before contacting the site administrator.
Please read the policies page for further information regarding this archive.

Archive Policies
(please read before submitting a fanfic)
Guide to categorizing a fanfic How to convert a file to TEXT or HTML format

Submission Form
Starred (*) sections mandatory for archiving.

* Title: [title of series, story, songfic/vidfic, part #, etc.]
* Author(s): [name of author(s) as it is to be archvied]
* E-mail: [the e-mail address that will we posted with the fanfic (it must be a working e-mail so that Syra can contact you if needed)]
* URL: [the URL for the site where I can fetch the fanfic from (if applicable)]
Rating: [G, PG, PG-13, R, Not rated]
File size: [approximate file size to the nearest KB]
Keywords: [main characters, original characters, humor, crossover, romance, songfic, deathfic, etc.]
Spoilers: [episode #, manga volume, other fanfic series, important events in manga/anime]
Warnings: [yaoi, shonen-ai, violence, death, lots of swearing, anything people might want to avoid, etc.]
Summary: [a one or two line description of the fanfic without giving away the plot line]
Any special instructions you have on how you would like your fic archived (such as not providing a
e-mail link with the story) should be placed in the e-mail after the submission form.

By submitting a fanfic to this archive, you agree to follow the policies of this archive
and will not flame the site administrator for any errors.

Thank you for contributing your work to Field of Stars! ^.^

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