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My pages on Angelfire

100 Monkeys Story
You know you were a child of the 80's when.....
Fun Answering Machine Messages
No Stress Here.
Astrology Page
The Truth about Blow jobs
Bathroom jokes
More Bathroom Jokes.
Is the Bible true?
He gave His Blood
A boy and his puppy and other Dog tales
The Brick
The Bridge
Butterflies need help too
This is how I wanna die..hee hee
About the Carnival
More about the carnival
and More about the carnival
History of the carnival
More history on the carnival
Dedicated to My cats....ALL cats and cat lovers.
Why do we like chocolate so much?

even more of my pages here on Angelfire

We all have choices in our lives
For those who believe in God
Should You chek-in with God?
Christian jokes
Proof that Jesus 'was'
Here is one to test your eyes
A story of compassion
Partial table of contents
The story of the cracked pot
How do you live your dash?
About dating MY daughter
The Olympic Diver
More Dog tales
My friend Don
How to get your drivers liscence
Happy Easter
Women are elemental to life.
For you compulsive e-Mail-o-holics
My Enter Page for My site.
For my Friends
Did I mention I LOVE Alligators?
Will YOU remember George?
Can God be in school?
Children and God

Still more of my pages here on Angelfire

God forgets no one.
A stand for Guns
Happy Halloween
Are you stuck in a holding pattern?
Pages to inspire you
My friend Jessi
Links to Joke Pages
Archive of blond jokes
Jokes about work
Jokes about the computer
Jokes about men and women
MORE Jokes about men and women
What to do with Junk Mail.
My brother Justin
Another page for my brother
More of my crazy brother
Commandments for kids
What kids say about love
A prayer for the children
Come and get your kisses and hugs.
Things I have learned.
More of my pages............