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AlenOnline FAST FACTS:
Everything you ever wanted to know
about Alen Hylton (but were afraid to ask)

#31: Alen is a very picky eater.
At restaurants, he chooses what to order based on how many things he has to ask to have removed from his meals.
#30: Alen has only ever owned 2 pieces of jewelry:
A gold chain (stolen in high school) and his wedding ring.
#29: Alen misses his mama.
She passed away on Friday, October 22, 2004.
#28: Alen is a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers
He will never hop on another team's bandwagon. Even when the Lakers lose, he remains loyal to his favorite team.
#27: Alen dreams of one day owning his own business and working for himself.
Unfortunately, none of his previous attempts have gotten off the ground... yet.
#26: Alen has an amazing memory for useless info.
However, his mind never seems to have room for the important stuff.
#25: Alen is still getting used to being a father.
Even after 7 months, it hasnt quite set in.
#24: Alen changed his first diaper on Aug 12, 2008.
        (It was "Number 2").
#23: Alen is 2nd to last of his cousins to have kids:
His cousins' children's ages range from newborn to 21 years old (as of 5/08).
#22: Alen has visited or lived in 18 of the 50 states:
Hawaii, Washington (State), California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Virgina, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut.
#21: Alen loves hearing from old friends.
        (So drop him a line!)
#20: Alen is always right.
Once he thought he was wrong, but it was a false alarm.
#19: Alen strongly dislikes all salads.
Many people interpret his hatred for salads to mean that he hates all vegetables, but this is not the case.
#18: Alen's mother had 21 brothers & sisters.
She was #3. The oldest is in their 70's and the youngest is in their 30's.
#17: Alen has an irrational fear of dogs.
Once completely unable to be in the same room with a dog, he is now able to hide his fear of canines in public.
#16: Alen did not attend his 10 year high school reunion.
He also did not go to his senior prom or homecoming dance (both by choice, of course).
#15: Most people can't spell "Alen" on the first try
The most popular guesses he receives are Alan, Allen, and Allan. But some people even try Alyn, Allyn, Alin, and Allin
#14: Alen has lived in 12 different places in his life.
BREAKDOWN: 7 apartments, 4 houses, and 1 condo.
(2 of those apartments were in the same building)
#13(!): Alen has cut his own hair since 2004.
He paid for his last barber-given haircut on Friday, November 7, 2003 - 2 days before his wedding.
#12: Alen has only gone "Trick-or-Treating" twice.
His mom forbid it. Only after heavy insistance by his father was he allowed to go at age 5, then one more time on his own at age 15.
#11: Alen's favorite part of his trip to the UK was finally meeting his British cousins for the first time.
He even got to meet & hang out with their children, which was also a big highlight of his trip.
#10: No one cares about basketball in England
Alen was very disappointed to learn this during his trip to the UK in July/Aug 2006, but decided to keep his disappointment to himself.
#9: Alen has suffered 2 broken bones in his life.
  • When he was 10 yrs old, he was struck by a car while riding his bike across the street & broke his left wrist (his fault).
  • When he was 13, he had his left-hand ring finger slammed in a door by a neighbor girl he nad no business flirting with (also his fault).
  • #8: Alen once had his driver's license suspended for 6 months and didnt even know it.
    He only found out when the DMV sent him a notice informing him that his license was being reinstated.
    #7: Alen avoids confrontations at all costs.
    Most of the time, what he ends up with instead is usually far worse than whatever he was trying to avoid in the first place.
    #6: Alen has had 11 jobs in 13 years (as of 3/08).
    He has been fired once & laid-off once. His longest job lasted 2.5 years, the shortest one lasted only 4 months.
    #5: Alen's parents were born & raised in Jamaica.
    Sadly, he has only been there once when he was a baby.
    #4: Alen has never eaten a plum.
    He also has never eaten a pear, a beet, or a turnip.
    #3:Alen has never owned a brand new car.
    His newest car was 4 years old when he bought it,
    his oldest car was 16 when he bought it.
    #2: Alen grew up as an only child.
    He now has 2 (much younger) half-sisters,
    but nobody ever mentions the "half" part.
    #1: It took Alen forever to finally put up his website.
    Seriously. Way longer than it should have.

    I hide all the new stuff under where it says 'UPDATES'

    Fri June 5 2009
    Our Amazing May
    Our Amazing May

    In May 2009, we celebrated TWO birthdays & TWO Mother's Days (kinda), Tracy took a school field trip, we all went on a weekend vacation, and ?????
    Click the calendar to get the scoop.

    Thur June 4 2009
    Weekend in Washington

    We spent Memorial Day Weekend with our pals Dan & Kim in Lake Sammamish, WA!

    Click above for the vacation recap.

    Thur May 21 2009
    Kathryn's (un)Quinceanera
    Happy Birthday, Kathryn!

    We promised Kathryn she didnt have to have a "real" Quinceanera if she didnt want to, but dont think we didnt have fun anyway!

    Click on the birthday girl for pics from the par-tay.

    Fri May 15 2009
    Alen's Awesome April
    Mike, Ryan, Julie, ME

    In April 2009, we toured the REAL Air Force One, witnessed a talent show and a hockey game, went to a wedding and TWO high school "reunions", and ???
    Click the calendar to get the scoop.

    Mon Apr 6 2009
    A Month in the Life of...
    Daddy-O, Chelsea, ME, Kathryn

    March '09 brought us a weekend vacation, a high school play, a softball game, and ?????
    Click the calendar to get the scoop.

    Sun Apr 5 2009
    Chelsea's Softball Game
    My little sister: The Star Athlete
    Go Chelsea!
    Click on the all-star above for the play-by-play

    Thur Apr 2 2009
    Time to Get Pampered!
    (w/ Family Discount!)
    That's the life, aint it??
    Click on Olivia for pics from our stay at
    La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, CA

    Mon Mar 9 2009
    A Month in the Life of...
    Tracy, Alen, Cerbando, and Olivia

    Feb '09 brought us a baby-shower, a new-born,
    two cultural field trips, a visitor, and ?????
    Click the calendar to get the scoop.

    Sat Aug 9 2008
    It's a Girl!
    Olivia & Grampa
    Click above for more cuteness than you can handle

    Sat Aug 11 2007
    Livingroom Makeover
    (Or: "My wife is a miracle worker")
    My wife gets all the credit
    Click above for the Before/After photos

    Fri Apr 20 2007
    Goodbye condo, hello house!
    Ever been blinded by a kitchen before?
    Click on the Krazy Kitchen above
    for the full home tour

    Thur Nov 2 2006
    Traffic Violation of the Day
    I got busted by a surveillance camera!
    That law-breaker is HANDSOME!
    Click on my mug for the full break-down.

    Mon Aug 14 2006
    We're back from spending 2 wks in the UK!
    Sadly, they would not let me drive the bus :(
    Click on the bus to see the photos from our trip.

    (I appologize in advance to anybody using dial-up)

    Sat Mar 3 2006
    Wedding Album MADNESS
    At long last, here are tons and
    tons of photos from our wedding

    2gether 4ever
    (Nevermind that it took me
    2.5 years to put them up)

    Tue Feb 21 2006
    Kenwood DDX6017
    Check out the Before & After photos
    of my new in-dash DVD player!

    Old & Busted        Nu Hottness
       OLD & BUSTED         NEW HOTTNESS! 

    Fri Oct 13 2005
    Real Men Drive Minivans

    VROOOOOM!Click on the van
    to check out
    my new ride

    2001 Toyota Sienna LE