This is a "panoramic" view of Lake Sammamish, taken from the front porch of our friends' Dan & Kim's house.
What else did we see in May? See below...

Baby, your foot looks DEE-LISH~!

We TRIED to take Olivia to church, but she was laughing and acting crazy (aka NORMAL) the whole time... we had to wait outside in the foryer. She got to hang out with mommy for a few minutes before she re-joined the choir to sing.

We went to my boy Jim's house to see his new son James Paul Mara III, aka "J-Cube" or "JP3".

My sisters came over for dinner and Chelsea got to show off the brand new cast on her hand. She broke her finger playing softball!

These are Tracy's student's "GrassHeads". You make them by filling old socks with dirt and grass seed, then sowing faces on the socks. Impressive, eh?

Grandpa & Olivia hanging out in the shade at Kathryn's softball game...

...and this is the post-game "GoodGameGoodGame Line". This is when both teams line up and slap hands with each member of the other team and say "Good Game" over and over. (If you've ever been to a little league game, you know what I'm talking about)

We finally got those pics of the baby I took back in February framed. Olivia lights up every time she sees them

Check out the view from Olivia's daycare center. No wonder she likes going so much!

Tracy and one of her co-workers went to look at wedding dresses for the day. Olivia spent the whole time checking herself out in the mirror. Where did she learn this diva behavior???

My neighbor Phil can play every musical instrument ever. Here he is flexing his acoustic guitar skills on our (almost) weekly trip to Best Buy.

After church on Mother's Day, we visited my mom's gravesite...

...then we took a walk around Manhattan Beach...

...then I took Tracy out for lunch at The Kettle!


This is our church friend Cynthia and her son Maxwell, who is also one of Olivia's boyfriends (more on that later)...

And this is Maxwell's dad Brock!

(CLICK HERE for pics
from her party.)

My sister turned 15!! Do you know how OLD that makes me feel???

Feliz QuinceaƱera, Hermana!

It doesnt meake me weird just because I dont like my food to touch, does it?

This is Tracy and her students on a field trip to the William S. Hart Ranch & Museum in Santa Clarita

This is my cousin Cerbando, back from the Navy. He's holding a sign that they hang on the back of their Humvees in Iraq.

Olivia, Tracy and ME traveling first class (Thanks Dan!) to see our good friends...

...Dan & Kim in Seattle! This is a pic from our last night in town having dinner on top of the Space Needle in Downtown Seattle...

(CLICK HERE for pics
from our trip.)

...and here I am in front of the Pacific Market Center.

(This is my "Self-pics are hard work!"-face)

On the last weekend in May, we celebrated Tina's birthday with her husband Carl and their son Ryan (Olivia's other boyfriend).

See you in June!

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