The Downtown L.A. skyline, taken from the top floor of a parking structure in Chinatown.
Where else did February take us? See below.

Superbowl Sunday
with Miss Kimberly

After this pic was taken, we made these babies wrestle for their food. (Superbowl Sunday)

We visited the Grammy Museum in Downtown L.A. with some of Tracys co-workers...

...then we went to lunch at our favorite Chinatown restaurant.

Representing the Lakers in Chinatown.

This is my cousin Cerbando holding his brand new baby daughter Leylani Ramirez...

...born Wednesday morning, February 11, 2009.

Tracy's sister Adrianne spent a week with us. Here she is on The Strand in Manhattan Beach.

Adrianne took some fantastic pics of the baby while she was with us...

... but this one is my favorite. I still crack up everytime I see it. Thanks again, Adrianne!

(Check back in April to see how much it shrinks)

Speaking of the baby's hair, check out this pig-tail job she got at daycare.

Adrianne was nice enough to babysit for us, so Tracy took me on a lunch date.


Here's a pic from our playdate with Olivia's best friend Ryan and...

...Ryan's daddy Carl, who happens to be Alen's best friend. See how that works out?

At the entrance of the California Science Museum.

This is one of the cutest Olivia pics I have ever taken...

...but this one takes the cake! I took these pics in the parking lot at the Science Museum.

My baby-shower peeps know what this is all about
(I lost by one!)

Thanks for the invite, Jim & Krissy!

Hard to tell from this pic, but she just finished throwing-up

Stay safe, Primo!

This was Cerbando's last night in town before returning to the Navy.

Did I mention how much Olivia LOVES daycare?

No need to mention how much daddy loves our local
#1 Chinese Buffet!

My 'little' sister up to bat at her first little league game of the season...

...on the same day my 'big' sister played in her first high school varsity softball game of the season.

Olivia and Lupe hanging out in the shade.

Who is this big softy buttering up the baby again?? That's just Grandpa doing his job.

On the last day of February, we went bowling with our church's youth group.

See you in March!

Now where to?