There's my 'big' sister Kathryn, up to bat for her high school varsity softball team.
What else did April bring us? See below...

This is my 'little' sister Chelsea, on stage performing Selena's "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" at her school's annual talent show...

...and check out that "interesting" outfit she chose. You GO girl!

After the talent show, we all went to the local IHOP for a late dinner.

Tracy's mom Nancy ("Grammy") came to spend a few days with us and to see the baby (but mostly to see the baby).

While she was here, we all visited Ronald Reagan's Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA.


  When it was built, Reagan requested
  that it feature a full-sized replica of the oval
  office decorated exactly the way he had it
  during his time in the White House.

Olivia and mommy in front of the actual "Air Force One" that President Reagan used during the 80's.


  This is Reagan's ACTUAL "Air Force One",
  NOT a replica. They allow visitors to walk
  through it, but you cant take pics inside.

Check out this fancy trick photography I pulled off, using the mirrored ceiling in one of the Library's elevators.

Impressive, I know.

Dont you wish your infant was COOL? LIKE? MINE???


It's starting to fill in! Does this mean my baby is growing up???

I was sick with the (non-swine) flu for a couple days in the middle of the month.

Dont I look pathetic?

Tracy took the baby with her to church for Choir practice. This is Tracy's choir-mate Vance teaching her how to read music. She's a genius!


Q: What happens when you slam on your brakes with a fresh hot pizza in the car?

A: This

On Easter Sunday, we invited my Dad, Lupe, and my sisters over for dinner. Olivia was the center of attention as usual.

This my boy Jon after his hockey Game. He's a member of my church's youth group, and that was my first ever live hockey game.

If you havent already noticed, Olivia is bathing inside what appears to be the Escalade of rubber duckies.

Cute, right? My co-worker didnt think it was so cute when it snuck into our office and snuggled up against his foot when he was sitting at his desk!

Poor Kathryn! We had to leave her house at 5:30am on a Saturday to get to her softball tournament by 6:30am. She slept most of the way there.

And THERE she is at the plate. You GO girl!

Check out this "sweet" tan I got sitting out in the sun all day at Kathryn's games!

Olivia learned how to pull herself up in her crip this month, so I had to lower her mattress again.

My baby girl really IS growing up!

The five of us not only went to high school together, we also all worked at our very first job together in 1995. This was our mini-"reunion" dinner.

My neighbor Phil got a little carried away with a photo-editing app on his iPhone.

I'm playing the part of Don King on the right. On the left, I look a lot like a certain relative of mine

(Check out that tattoo!)

The 24th was my co-worker's last day working with us...

...So my boss took us out to lunch. The steak I always get was about half the size it usually is! When my boss mentioned it to the waitress...

...the chef brought me another one for freeeee!

My boy Marcus FINALLY married his long-time sweetheart Kiyana at the Wedding of the Century on April 25th.

(This is obviously the Photo of the Century)

Tracy & Alen at the Wedding Reception of the Century...

...and here I am with the happy couple (of the century).

My dear old friend Julie invited us to her house for a "SPRING BBQ".

See you in May!

Left to Right: Mike, Ryan, Julie, and ME. The four of us go all the way back to high school.

(Which was a loooooong
time ago)

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