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Under that great, big yellow label below are some of the music industry's most devious, diabolical, and evil schemes. Remember, we are not putting down any style, type, or brand of music- that is not what this page is about. We are here to inform you of the music industry and what it is doing. So, read the label first to see if you can handle the grim truth . . . and then proceed with an open mind.

Click on a link below to read a truth of the music industry . . . CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH??

Mass Promotion

MTV Rules America

The Warming Technique

Trends (and how to make them)

Forced Listening and Other Hypocrisies

How To Raise Sheep

Is New Music Relevant in an Industrial Society?

Majority Rules, Majority Sucks

The Racial Side Of The Music Industry (New Article posted 8 - 20 -00)

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