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The Warming Technique

America loves hype, but its people absolutely HATE IT. Why does it occur? Because, as usual, somebody out there paid huge amounts of money for their own "MASS PROMOTION" because they think they'll sell more if they advertise more.

Wrong on both counts.

A good example of the warming technique is Nirvana. At that time, which was 1991, record companies "realized" that "bands" like Milli Vanilli and Paula Abdul and New Kids On The Block had no staying power. So Kurt and Co. are surpisingly signed to Geffen and record "Nevermind". The production is unbeleivable, compressed, too slick, totally excelling that of Kurt's vision. (He was later quoted to saying, "its sounds more like a Motley Crue record than a Nirvana record.")After the release of Nevermind, which wasn't expected to sell over 500,000 copies, the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was released as well. It was just part of the deal that Nirvana had with Geffen Records, nothing else. Some sneaky people knew though, that they would be the ultimate 90's band.

Those people?? Why, our dear freinds at the music industry, of course. Soon, after sales of the album took off inexplicably because there was finally something new and great in rock, MTV began playing the video to "Teen Spirit" over and over again. The spread of Nirvana was rapidly multiplying, and Kurt Cobain had no idea that his whole idea of going against the mainstream would turn on him.

Still, he had to do publicity stunts with his band to appease eveybody else. There was an all out Nirvana media blitz, imposed by their record company and other people who wanted to cash in on Kurt Cobain's vision. Most of his real fans and the band themselves struggled with the fact that alot of people who were turned into sheep by the music business were buying Nirvana albums. THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND THEIR MESSAGE, YET THEY WERE BUYING NIRVANA'S RECORDS, ONLY BECAUSE IT WAS THE "NEXT BIG THING."

When their third album, "In Utero", was going to be released, the record company would not release it because "mainstream radio would not approve of {producer} Steve Albini's sound." The album was deemed "unlistenable" and "Uncommercial."

D.G.C. were stupid, because THEY WERE GOING AGAINST KURT COBAIN'S PROVEN TALENT!!! How can they judge if something is or isn't commercial, if the band themselves writes the songs and has the visions?

That is the "warming technique". If record companies will find something new, like a sound that they like, later they will usually suck out all the soul to it and act like they control it. They "heat it up" too much. Another example- can you compare Boys II Men to the Backstreet Boys? Nirvana to Bush to Oasis to Macthbox 20?? U2 to Third Eye Blind? Old Metallica to New Metallica? The Police to Smashmouth? The Mighty Mighty Bosstones to Reel Big Fish? I didn't think so. The pattern here is one succesful, truly unique and great sound and band, followed by a sheer parody of it. Get the idea?? It keeps on going . . . ALL IN THE NAME OF CASH.

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