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How To Raise Sheep

Seeing how impressionable the average person is, the music industry can succeed in getting everyone to buy whatever "product" they put out. Why do you think that millions of dollars are spent on advertising? To not only promote the product, but to convince people that they need that item. If advertising didn't work, it wouldn't exist. Using all of the media's wonderful resources, the music industry can succeed in turning people into mindless drones who are convinced that the music industry's latest music trend (whatever it is) is what they should listen to. After all, wouldn't they be "left out" if they didn't jump on the bandwagon? As the old saying goes, you gotta be with the "in" crowd to be "cool". At least that's what the music industry tells us to think. As mentioned before, most people seem to feel a need for conformity in the first place, and the music industry exploits that mentality. Think of it this way: It's the same mentality that the tobacco industry used to lure teens and kids to it's carcinogenic knees. (Joe Camel, anyone?)

Because of all the techniques the industry uses, it makes the latest fad seem like a godsend- and how could it be bad? Teenybopper music has convinced millions of American teenagers that their singers are "the perfect guy." This image sells, makes millions, collects sheep, and destroys music at THE SAME TIME.

There are many people, especially teens, who have such a limited view of music because they only listen to the radio. THEY HAVE LET THE MUSIC INDUSTRY CHOOSE THEIR FAVORITE STYLE OF MUSIC. Even worse is the fact that they don't want to see the truth to what the music industry is doing. If any of those people are on this page right now, remember this: MUSIC IS YOUR CHOICE, EXPLORE. Other wise we have the ultimate case of George Orwell style mind-control, although musically put: "Four notes good, two notes baaaaaaaaad."

There are so many victims of the music industry and what it thinks is right. What they think is right sells, and not for musical reasons.

What the ULTIMATE RULE ought to be is this: If it sounds good to you, awesome. If it sounds bad to you, then go with something else. You should not be forced into listening to one particular brand of music - yet that is what the music industry is tying to do.

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