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Mass Promotion

What exactly is "Mass Promotion"? it is a concept I first discovered that made me think twice about the music industry and its motives. Some people, as you know, are natually greedy by nature. These are the people who bring acts like NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys to "fame". But why did I quote "fame"?

Because that is not fame, IT IS MASS PROMOTION.

First, they create them. It has to be a group with "commercial potential". They hire great songwriters like that traitor-to-metal Max Martin to write 100% guaranteed hits for them that are payed to play CONSTANTLY, EVERYWHERE!! Then, they pay millions of dollars to promote, show, and publicize the "hot new act" as much as possible. Radio brodcasts that last forever, displays in stores, hell, even T.V. commercials when you need them (remember Master P?? How do you think Rap THAT BAD could sell?).

Walking in Best Buy, a fine electronics retailer here in California, the entire time the T.V.'s in the store were showing paid-for promotions from Britney Spears and NSYNC. Movie soundtracks where "rock acts" are pitifully put on without regard to lyrical or musical contribution to the film, coupled with giant displays in Tower Records dosen't hurt, either. Soon, we have ads in teen magazines, then appearances on T.V. shows, then conerts on T.V., as their "fan base" grows and grows, the album is #1, she's on the cover of Rolling Stone half naked, and sooner or later, modern teen pressure FORCES THEM TO BUY IT, EVEN IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT. Most teens like us are sadly sucked into the flock and turned into sheep, regardless of integrity. All because of MASS PROMOTION. Clearly, this is not what music is about. It is about the PEOPLE MAKING THE CHOICES, INSTEAD OF THE EXECUTIVES MAKING THE CHOICES FOR THEM.

Does your music industry suffer from Mass Promotion?? Here are the signs . . .

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