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Welcome to our anti-music industry website. This site was created to bring awareness of the reality of the music industry, which repeatedly attempts to package music for the masses in order to control them. To the music industry, music is nothing more than just another product to place on the market. It isn't even about the music itself. It's about making music trends, as if music is fashion. The music industry has now made music age, race, and gender specific. This isn't what music is about. It's actually about songs and the artists who perform them. Music is supposed to speak for itself. Note: this site isn't about bashing certain types of music, but the music industry. Only you can choose what kind of music you like!

We also want this site to serve as a "music bank" where all you people looking for some deep, thoughtful, excellent music, could get some ideas as what to pick up. And of course, turn to the message board for some discussion- let your ideas be heard.

Because Music Is A Beautiful Thing...

For site information or comments, write to Raven or Smekermann.

. . . for the words of the prophet written on the studio wall, concert hall, echoes with the sounds of salesmen . . - Rush, The Spirit Of Radio, 1980

  • This site is about exposing the grim, demonic actions the music industy has taken to make, and continue making, quick bucks
  • This site is NOT about promoting any one particular type or style of music, but is demonstrating in modern days how the music industry weaves its evil magic.
  • This site is ran and maintained by Raven and Smekermann
  • Thank you for visiting. REMEMBER: GOOD MUSIC RULES!!

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