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News, Rants & Updates

8 ~ 25 ~ 2000

- We are sad to report to all of you that our main man, the dude who got us our webspace for this page in the first place, Outsider, has fatefully decided to leave this site in the hands of Raven and Smekermann. "I came to a decision," he told Raven, "that while I'm very happy with the website, I no longer want to be a part of it. Besides, I'm not going to contrbute any more to it anyways, so what's the point of listing me as a co-owner? I wish you the best of luck with the site."

Outsider, we wish the best of luck to you too. It was great working with you on this revolutionary page. It's a shame your ever-growing schedule and time constraints didn't allow you to contribute to the site as much as we thought you could- but nevertheless, without you, this page could not have been in the first place. Hats off to you, fellow musician and music lover. All true music lovers will have a place in their hearts for you.

- With that in mind . . . you may see we have gotten many fellow music freedom fighters' links on our page, and we have submitted ourselves to various banner exchanges. We are sorry if the network pop-ups, however, are bugging you. Sometimes, more than two will load on a page at the same time- something about the Angelfire Ad codes in the pages that is unfixable, does this. If you really get ticked off about the pop-ups, visit this place and download their pop-up vanisher utility. We are sorry for the inconvenience- but, at the same time, we are grateful that Angelfire has actually opted to do promotional activities on our page, considering it's "undergound" status.

- The Music Bank is getting filled with reviews as we speak. Keep checking it to see which bands and artists are being added in.

That's about all there is now... have a good day, and do your own thing!

8 ~ 23 ~ 2000

- Lots of reviews added to the Music Bank. We are always adding new bands to this section, so keep watching . . .

8 ~ 20 ~ 2000

- Mercyful fate, it's only been one day and the site has gotten a complete overhaul on the main page. Look for more overhauls to follow.

- New article, "The Racial Side Of The Music Industry," added.

- Scrolling Status Bar, Poll and "Spread The Word" applets added on the index page.

8 ~ 19 ~ 2000

Well, we've done something that nobody ever expected - our first real update of this page since it's conception in July of 1999. It's not an absolutely huge one - some new links were added, a few sentences here and there . . . and this section.

We got a mail from Neill Barry in January of this year that we feels answers a question. Neill says:

"I live in a part of the world which is not submersed in MTV like commercialism so I found your website quite informative and really agree with the mass promotional side of it because it's sooo much easier to see if your not surrounded by it everyday. We still have the mass promotions of crap bands like the Backstreet (backdoor) boys and stuff but no one except the teenagers actually take much notice of it. Also I think that most of the people here grow out of it by the ages of around 18 -20 and look for more alternative type bands so it kind of equals everything out a bit.
One thing you left out which I was a little unhappy about was the introduction of the web in the music industry and the fact that anyone who wants to can put their bands music on a website.
There is however a growing commercialism in this area but I truly believe with the mp3 generation the commercialism of music has finally met it's match. The beauty of any person in the world to copy convert music and share it with everyone else in the world truly brings me joy.
If you wish to fight the commercialism of music then support mp3 sites.
Create mp3s and get involved in your local music scene.
Another idea is to only buy music for bands who are not being mass produced marketed and inserted via tv into peoples brains."

Interesting bringing up the new digital music dilemma, Neill. We don't really have the time to make a full-fledged new section about this very influential topic, and we believe other people are doing a much better job covering the news and occurrences (i.e Websites such as, Born On The World Wide Web, and offer excellent opportunities and musical alternatives that everyone should check out. Who knows, some kid in Ohio, who could be the next Hendrix, is burning his own Mp3's onto CD's and sharing it with his pals. MP3's are a musical Holy Grail - something that must be used and not abused, for if taken care of it's existence and possibilities, might replace actual CD's in the future as the main musical medium. They have truly broken down the walls of distribution and record company control.

We thank everyone who's been to this page and read it so far. All this site thrives on is "three chords and the truth" - there's no flashy animations, no sex or violence, no popular commodities, no website HTML expositions or light shows. And we prefer to keep it that way.

Until next time . . .




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