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Some more websites for your viewing pleasure

The Ricky Martin Sucks Message Board - Our Favoritre Dysfunctional Hangout - THE CAMPAIN TO UNLEASH INFINITY (What We Fail To Say, This Site Well Beyond Covers It)
Audiofind - A multimedia search engine (a very good one, actually)
Yes Music
The Mind's Edge- A Queensryche Site
HardRadio- 24 Hours of Non-Commercial, Non-Stop Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Radio
The Official Steve Vai Site
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage- A Frank Zappa Site
Elephant Talk- The Robert Fripp and King Crimson Website
Censored Books In The USA . . . featuring books by Mark Twain, John Stienbeck, J.D. Salinger . . .
I Was A Teenage Dissedent - Erin's Excellent Site - The Best Site For News, Goodies and Articles regarding the Napster/MP3 Saga.
@U2.COM - A U2 Site so good, it's almost official
P R O T O T Y P E - The Best Progressive Metal Band in the World
OPETH - First Class Progressive/Dramatic Metal from Europe - A WebPage devoted to the most beautiful guitars in the world, IBANEZ JEMs.
The Ultimate Randy Rhoads Source - A Wealth Of Info on one of the greatest musicians ever . . . R.I.P., friend. - The ex-Police guitarist's official site. - An Excellent Pink Floyd Page.
The Official Pink Floyd Website
Satan Stole My Teddybear - Immense Record Review Archive and Occasional Ezine
EJ2K Headquarters - You Just Plug It In! (Online Journal featuring Raven)

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