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"When one got past the fact that she had... eyes the size of fuel valves, she was sensual as hell"
- from The Death of Captain Future by Allen Steele

The Latest News (7/29/99): Like fan art? Good. Like semi-original and original anime drawings by the webmaster? Also good. Like artistic black-and-white photographs, and stunning 3-D raytraced web graphics? Even better! Like really ridiculous-looking random doodles off the pages of the webmaster's course notebook? We didn't think so. However, you can find all four at DSSketch. It is always under construction and growing, so check back periodically for new media.

Previous news (7/9/99): "Hah! Look at Sergeant Bilko ordering his deskaround! I bet those pencils make great soldiers."Who said this famous quote? The answer is... The annoying, lecherous robot Montresor in Kevlar! combined from the posts of the Kevlar play-by-email, you can now read about the exploits of the cast of Kevlar: The shy yet scientifically brilliant student Kiburi-san and his lecherous robot Montresor, the militaristic Teri Mills, the enigmatic Pleanty Moore, the demented, vengeful, and magically adept Ryu, the liad back Lilly, and the greatly confused Sally. It has an entertaining, anything-goes plot, and plenty of action, mystery, and side-splitting comedy in a setting vaguely reminiscent of Urusei Yatsura. Now with over 90 installments spanning 4 "days" of activity, this compilation is a must-read for anyone interested in the comedy side of anime. To read it, click here.

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Finished reading the compilation and want to get in on the fun? Then consider joining the Ominous play-by-email, the official RPG scenario of Macx Anime! Based on the same system as Kevlar (Teenagers from Outer Space) it's easy to play, and the opportunities are nearly unlimited. In the sister cities of Kuzuru and Anjiresu, anything, and everything, can and will happen. So head over to the play-by-email pageand create your character today!

One quick note: You will notice that the movie clips from OYM no longer appear on this page, but do on a few others. Sadly, I was forced to take these clips offline, as they used a rarely-available compression algorythm and other cross-platform compression mad ethe size of the clips prohibited. I am sorry for this inconvenience, but you can still download the full video if you're that interested.

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