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Basic Info on Urusei Yatsura

"An anime series is only as good as the story behind it." I have found this statement to be very true after watching a number of different anime series. Even if a series has amazing art, it gets old if the plot isn't versatile (unless, of course, it has lots of explosions, guns, etc.)

The basic plotline is pretty simple: Girl falls in love with boy. Boy falls in love with every girl he sees. Girl is forced to keep him in check. The actual storyline, however, is much more detailed.

An alien race, called the Oni, have decided to invade earth. To give earth a chance, they choose a champion to play a game of tag (the Oni national sport) to determine the fate of earth, where the defender would have to catch the alien and touch the pair of tiny horns on its head. The (un?) lucky champion is Ataru Moroboshi, a lecherous teenager who flirts with every girl he sees. At first, Ataru refuses, until he sees his challenger - the beautiful Lum, the daughter of one of the invading aliens, who goes around most of the time in a tiger-skin bikini. Ataru immediately falls head-over-heels in love with her and desperately tries to win, but has little luck after discovering she can fly. As the deadline to catch Lum counts down, Ataru's semi-girlfriend Shinobu promises to marry him if he wins. Ataru then becomes serious, and manages to touch Lum's horns after stealing her bikini top. However, after he wins he starts boasting about getting married, and Lum thinks that he is proposing to her and accepts. From then on, the series develops as Ataru keeps trying to flirt with every girl he sees, and Lum being forced to electrically deter him as she plans their marriage.

For a more detailed storyline, go here.
For details on the characters, go here.

Plot summaries for my UY videos and collections

The Return of Lum (graphic novel):

  • Mendo arrived and challenges Ataru to a duel
  • Lum compared Ataru and Mendo on a zodiac machine
  • The gang is attacked by a plum sprite trying to pass an entrance exam
  • Lum dresses up as a schoolgirl to fool Ataru
  • A love letter to Ataru almost utrns into a disaster
  • A prophetic diary creates chaos
  • Mendo is discovered... with a baby?
  • The gang becomes trapped in a labyrinth of caves, and mendo's weakness is finally exposed
  • The dream world becomes the real world?
  • A fourth-dimensional camera creates even more chaos
  • Ravenous caterpillars invade
  • And Lum leaves Tomobiki - for real?

Sweet Revenge (graphic novel):

  • A new teacher arrives at Tomobiki High
  • A girl becomes a little too obsessed with volleyball
  • A parent's day turns into an altercation between the parents of Lum and Mendo
  • Ataru becomes interested in an enigmatic ninja on a class field trip, to Lum's dislike
  • Ran arrives to take revenge on Lum for past slights

Beautiful Dreamer (movie):

Lum and the others are trapped in a strange set of dreams, tormented by Mujaki the dream-weaver, after Lum makes an irrational wish... with an interesting surprise ending.