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UY on Hotline!

Which came first, the server or the webpage? The Macx Anime Megaserver is a hotline server devoted mainly to Lum, but also has pictures and items for other anime series. The server is mostly pictures, but also has movies, midis, a couple of MP3s, and the cool Hotline splashscreen.

Get Hotline:
The server isn't up all the time, so if you want a guaranteed time to log on, fill out the form below.
This service has been temporarily discontinued due to a problem in the e-mail form. It will be back up when I can find a better way to do the form.

Name (or HL handle):


Date to Use Server:

Time (preferably after 8:00 on weekdays):

Questions? Comments?

When I get your message, I will send you a confirmation E-mail saying whether the time will work. Keep in mind, however, that I cannot absolutely guarantee that the server will be up. If I have the time, I'll send you another message canceling it, but there may be times when the server isn't up. (Sorry I had to use an e-mail form - hope it doesn't cause any problems)