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Senior Nigerian Dwarf Does

Copper Penny Rose
Sire: Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Pirate
Dam: Copper Penny's Cocoa

Penny is the most incredibly productive Nigerian I've ever heard of, although I've never had her on milk test. 1998 was the first year she was ever milked, and she gave a whopping 7# of milk daily! We'll be looking for a one day milk test at the least in 1999 so she can easily get her milking star. She's a chocolate doe with a few white spots. As do her sisters and mother, Penny has triplets and quads as the norm. She was classified as Very Good at 88.0 by Harvey Considine in 1997.

Dark Star Elektra
Sire: Goodwood Moses Austin
Dam: Goodwood Comanche

Elektra is a lovely 1993 chocolate and white doe. She has great body capacity and width in the chest. She has produced many top quality kids that have competed successfully in the show ring.

Willow Creek Texas Tea
Sire: Gladys Porter Zoo Leprechaun
Dam: Willows Luzianne

Tea is an exceptional 1993 solid dark seal brown doe. She is wide in the chest, deep bodied and long. Tea was HES classified as excellent at 90.7 by Harvey Considine in 1997.

Karim's Sparkle
Sire: Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Pirate
Dam: Dark Star Elektra

Sparkle, a 1994 chocolate and white doe, is the smallest mature doe in my herd at this time. She has excellent breed character, a good fore udder and medial, and width in the chest. I would like to see improvement in her topline and rear, as well as rear udder attachment, although she has, with thoughtful breeding, produced some outstanding kids.

Junior Nigerian Dwarf Does

OTR Magic's Hannah
Sire: Inavale Mr. Magic
Dam: OTR Juniper's Galatea

Hannah is a gorgeous 1998 solid white doe. I feel very lucky to have acquired her this year. She is outstanding in every way, and I have been unsuccessful in finding fault with her. She has a level topline, with a beautiful head and a graceful, proportional body. She is definitely going to make me proud in the show ring!

Copper Penny Ursela
Sire: Woodhaven Farms Lonesome Blue
Dam: Copper Penny Chocolate S'Flake

Believe it or not, this beautiful little 1998 rose tan doe with soft brown facial and dorsal stripes is saddled with the awful nickname of Alien, affectionately given to her by her breeder's nieces. Alien is a long, very dairy doe, with a promising eschtcheon, width in the rear, straight legs, just an outstanding doe. We placed in 1998 at MY first show as a junior kid, and I fully expect her to do well in the show ring in 1999. Her dam is full sister to Copper Penny's Rose (see above), so I can expect triplets and quads, along with a prodigous amount of milk.

OTR Rita Hayworth
Sire: OTR Flash Gordon
Dam: OTR Madura G

Rita is the prettiest little 1998 doe. She is a tri-color (very broken buckskin), cream and white with black spots and a few splashes of red brown. She has a level topline, good length and a promising escutcheon. I am looking forward to showing her successfully in 1999.

Oak Creek Little Elfin Annie
Sire: Copper Penny's Moonwalker
Dam: Karim's Sparkle

Annie is a 1998 chocolate and white, wildly patched doe. She is super long, with a level topline. She has tremendous dairy character. Annie is a very promising doe that I intend to show in the 1999 season.

Oak Creek Stars and Stripes
Sire: Copper Penny's Moonwalker
Dam: Copper Penny's Rose

Star is a wildly marked broken buckskin, hence her name! Although she is not going to be show quality, she continues to have a place in my herd because of the genetics she can pass on. She shows improvement over her dam in all conformation areas. Due to her small size, she will not be bred until late 1999.

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