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Our Story

Oak Creek is in an area of gently rolling, oak studded hills
abounding with creeks and wildlife. My goats regularly share
their pasture with deer and wild turkey.

It started in 1994, when I got my first goats, two little Pygmies to keep my horse company. These are famous last words for many a goat afficiendo I now know! The horse is long gone, as are the Pygmies, replaced by Nigerian Dwarf goats later that year. My goal is to breed top show quality goats that excel in milk production. In early 1998, I decided to add Dwarf Nubians to our herd, and have acquired 4 outstanding Nubians. I look forward with great anticipation to first generation Dwarf Nubians in late spring 1999!

My goat showing career will begin in 1999, and this is a new aspect of goat keeping that I greatly relish getting involved in. I went to my first goat show here in Atascadero in late 1998 with one little doeling. To my great surprise, and with very little coaching from my friends, I actually placed! Those already hooked on showing goats must only smile here, thinking "Another one bites the dust." As my two small sons get older and hopefully more involved in my passion for breeding and showing these wonderful and loving creatures, I will be able to indulge in more shows!

Kids are usually available during the summer and fall. There is also the occasional mature doe available.

At this point, I really must give credit to my friend, Penny Hamers, who raises Nigerian Dwarf goats under the Copper Penny herd name. Without her friendship (and all those long phone conversations!), I could never have come so far. Thank you, Penny!

We are always happy to answer questions about our wonderful goats.
Please feel free to contact us!

Cindy McSeveney
920 Ropa Court
Atascadero, CA 93422
(805) 466-1736

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