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Dwarf Nubians


Chispa's SY Olympia
Sire: Wingwood Farm Amazing Yucatan
Dam: The ABR Esther

Ollie, born in 1998, is just a big, beautiful doe, with some impressive genetics behind her. She's black with a white cap and frosted ears. Her dam is just lovely, and a very productive milker, so I am naturally looking forward to freshening her. She is bred to Creek Road John Henry for May 1999 kids.

Inertia P Linguine
Sire: Trillium Trails DL Pride
Dam: Oak Gold Moya's Marla

Niki is a beautiful 1998 red doe with an incomplete belly band and red ears. She is long and level, very open, with lovely long ears. She is a very promising doe who's genetics will greatly benefit my Dwarf Nubian breeding program. Niki is bred to OTR Monty Hall for May 1999 kids.

Frederic's Kiss Me Kate
Sire: Noble Farm Yugene
Dam: Frederic's Pathfinder Sadira

Katie is a small 1997 red brown doe with red ears. As a yearling, her milk production was considerable and steady. After weaning her own kids, she and Stella (below) continued on to provide enough milk for 10 Nigerian bottle-fed kids! She is very dairy, and a very respectable addition to my breeding program. Katie is bred to OTR Monty Hall for May 1999 kids.

Frederic's Stella by Starlight
Sire: Noble Farm Yugene
Dam: Frederic's CPBR Polyanthe

Ah, Stella, the goat of my heart. This is a long, lovely black and white patched 1997 doe whose frosted ears have tan freckles. She is also the sweetest, most affectionate doe, and she milks like a dream! This very dairy doe is outstanding in every way. Stella is bred to Creek Road John Henry (I hope!) for June 1999 kids.

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