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Rex and his Owners

The Moser Years

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The Brandtner Years

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The Hoffman Years

Season 8

The Fabbri Years

Season 9 (Coming Soon-ish)

After so many years of service, Rex has seen many colleagues come and go. The first of the Homicide detectives to take him in was Richard Moser, a divorced ex-trucker who refused to let Rex be put down. Next came Alex Brandtner, an athletic cop who'd recently lost his own dog in an explosion. The third Inspector was Marc Hoffmann, who enjoyed Rex's antics but struggled with his lovelife. Rex's newest owner is an Italian detective, Lorenzo Fabbri, who has flown Rex out to investigate crime in Rome. It's a new language and a whole new city to explore.

Disclaimer : Kommissar Rex is owned by Mungo film, Tauris film, SAT.1 and ORF and was created by Peter Hajek and Peter Moser. None of the characters, actors or photographs belong to me, unfortunately. I'm just borrowing them, having a bit of fun and then returning them more or less unharmed.