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Kommissar (Inspector) Rex Fanfiction
Moser Fic by Brightbear

Last Stop Vienna
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five
Summary: When a bomb blast destroys a building in Vienna, recently divorced Richard Moser meets the grieving police dog, Rex.
Rating: PG-13 for minor violence.
Author's Note: A novelisation, of sorts, of the first ever Rex episode. Only minor embellishments.

Glad to Be of Service
Part One | Part Two
Summary: A mediocre police officer named Wimmer joins in the search for a missing Inspector Moser. Missing scenes from the episode Escape Into Death .
Rating: PG-13 for minor language and blood.

As the Wall Came Down
Summary: A group of friends gather to watch their homes being demolished.
Rating: General rating

The Motions
Summary: Ernst Stockinger, the things we do and the years that pass.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: For Season 4's Moser's Tod/Death.

The More Things Remain the Same
Summary: Hollerer has been around a while...
Rating: General
Spoilers: For Season 4's Dangerous Mission.

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Brandtner Fic by Justina

Gambler's Choice
Summary: Rex and Alex are called in to investigate the murder of a professional sprinter.
Rating : PG-13

Praeludium and Allegro
Summary : The murder of a violinist interupts a day off for Alex and Rex.
Rating : PG-13

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Disclaimer : Kommissar Rex is owned by Mungo film, Tauris film, SAT.1 and ORF and was created by Peter Hajek and Peter Moser. None of the characters, actors or photographs belong to me, unfortunately. I'm just borrowing them, having a bit of fun and then returning them more or less unharmed.