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About the Photographer

Dr. John T. Whiting is the founder of Golf Event Photos and the principal photographer.  Dr. Whiting has been photographing historical, entertainment and sporting events for over 20 years.

His photographs of the U.S. Equestrian Team, the AT&T Hunt Race, Woodstock 94, the 125th Anniversary of Polo, the US Women's Pro Ski Tour, Op Sail 2000, Sail for America, the Trans-Atlantic Sailboat Challenge  and the PGA Tour Saturday Series have drawn significant attention with a number selected for use in major publications and for exhibition in New York City photo galleries.  Nine of his photographs of Woodstock 94 were included in an exhibition that toured the world.

Dr. Whiting began photographing golf outings over 15 years ago.  His unique approach not only included capturing the outing group and foursomes in photographs, but he took took the camera onto the golf course to record the action as the golf event was being played, often catching a golfer executing a golf shot and the golf ball in flight.  He then incorporated the photographs into a slide presentation that the golf outing participants could view at the time of the awards ceremony, observing the play of their competitors and themselves during the outing competition.

Dr. Whiting also pioneered the use of the Internet to share the memories of the golf outings he photographed by posting the photographs of the golf event on a special designated web site for the golf event participants, organizers and golf course hosts to share the memories of the event with friends, use for the promotion of future events and to download favorite photos for their personal use.

This unique and personalized approach to photographing golf events has resulted in Golf Event Photos being the photographer of choice for the PGA Tour Saturday Series, the Crystal Springs Golf Resort and other golf clubs looking to provide event participants with something special to make their event distinctive and memorable.

Dr. Whiting is also a management consultant (visit having served as a problem solving advisor to some of the top Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and mid-sized companies wishing to grow and increase profitability.

He is also a freelance writer who has provided newspaper support to clients and who has had over 500 articles and photographs published in local, regional and national newspapers and professional journals.  He is the author of five books about skiing, golf, the historical Woodstock Music Festival and the E-Business Revolution which has changed the way the world does business.

Dr. Whiting is presently working on his sixth book, "The Search for the 50 Most Beautiful Golf Holes in New Jersey."  He has invited over 200 public and private golf courses in New Jersey to nominate their special golf holes.  A visit to the golf club making a golf hole nomination is then scheduled and information is gathered about the golf course, the course is played by Dr. Whiting and his wife Buffy and photographs are taken of the nominated golf holes.  Once published, the book, along with photographs of the nominated holes will be made available to those golf clubs that have nominated holes and to the general public.

In addition to golf, Dr. Whiting and his wife Buffy enjoy alpine skiing and serve as ski race coaches at the Hidden Valley Ski Area, enjoy music and having fun with friends.


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