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The 2005 Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic

On Course Photos 

For 2005 Flat Brook Tap House Party Photos click HERE.


Patrick tees off on the 1st hole.

Buffy waits her turn.  Nice hat!

Fran tees off on the 2nd hole.

The Vickings attack.  Nice golf club Jerry.  "Christina" looks on.

Patty makes a nice pitch on the 8th hole.

Dave takes his shot on the 8th.

Tammy and John watch her shot approaching the 8th hole.

Jimbo doing a dance on the golf course.

Kendall makes a putt as Team Shema looks on.

Team Templeton watches Ralph's shot.

Nancy holds the flag for Richie's shot.

Nancy thinks she is playing pool.

Early finishers watch the rest of the Teams finish their rounds.

John checks score cards as Super G. looks on.

Patrick makes sure that John has all of the score cards.

Team Howes' Weed Bottle -- their secret wheapon for 2005.

Jim asks, "Is this stuff covered in the Rules of Golf?"

Time to head for the Flat Brook Tap House to party.


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