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Homegrown Miniatures






25mm Omniscale OMNIGALLERY

ACW1000 Winter Huts $21.50
ACW1001 Small Cabin $21.50
ACW1002 Sutlery Buildings $21.50
ACW1003 Artillery Lunette 19.50
ACW1004 Blockhouse $29.50
ACW2001 Shermans Tombstone $11.50
 25mm Omniscale Resin "Skirmish" Buildings w/removeable roofs
ACW1000 WINTER HUTS (2) 2-3man "slave" quarters (suitable for; F&I,Old West Frontier, WWII Eastern front, $21.50
ACW1001 SMALL CABIN Removeable roof-figures can be inserted into bldg  $21.50
ACW1002 SUTLERY BUILDING Removeable roof,wooden service window cover can be closed or propped open; decals included  $21.50
ACW1003 ARTILLERY LUNETTE Realistic Earthworks Artillery Emplacement;Suitable for Roman Artillery thru tank emplacement  $19.50
ACW1004 BLOCKHOUSE Large 2 part self contained log fortification, wide variety of military historical uses  $29.50
ACW2001 SHERMANS TOMBSTONES Graphic results of Shermans "total war" against the south; Silent remains of cabins having been burned 
to the ground $11.95 
Terrain Sampler - War Zone Gaming Terrain