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Homegrown Miniatures








Now Available from Homegrown 

               20mm WWII era Resin & Metal Kits

Homegrown Miniatures is proud to announce it will be distributing "BPcast" 20mm 

WWII era Wargaming Accessories. Currently available are over 100 total American,

British, Soviet, German, Japanese, Italian, French, Polish, Vehicles.  Highly detailed 

metal cast Artillery, &  Anti-Aircraft, Battlefield Accessories, Special Sets, and figures. 

A huge selection of  super-detailed accurate resin cast vehicles

 w/metal parts, crews, & decals. Also resin cast battlefield 

accessories with the innovative 'stackable' Euro-style housing featuring open interiors-

perfect for sniper nests etc. Can be stacked as high as you want with detailed base; hollow 

stackable pieces topped off with stackable roof section. Also resin bunkers, craters, gun em-

placements,'Berlin Road Block' and more. A variety of metal figures of every nationality type, 

w/hvy weapons,mg's, Cmd Sections, Forge wagon,seated vehicle drivers, horse-drawn 

supply cart, knee mortars etc. Many unique one of a kind models and items in this 

expanding  range of BPcast models. Compatible with all your favorite rules and scenarios.



Caco preparing to throw lethal dynamite charge

News & New Releases

The very first releases of US Marines protecting "US Interests" 

south of the border in Sandanista. Coming: Hatians, Cubans, guatemalans and more.

Coming..... Marine and Sandanista Personalities..We have entered into partnerships w/select historical wargaming providers

25mm LUNETTE by Omniscale Now AVAILABLE 



NEW! 25mm Oxen Team pulling Cart

This set contains two beautifully done oxen pulling a small cart; with sides lashed together adding realism. Naturally the marines will have to search it for Rebel Contraband like weapons


The Homegrown News Archives

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