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We Make History




Homegrown Miniatures






LINKS to the American Civil War  


Specialists in the provision of 1/6th scale
 vehicles, figures  and accessories for the
  Modeller and War Game Enthusiast.

Averasboro Museum

Battle at Averasboro 1865 NC, Held up Shermans march to the sea. A diorama project in the works depicting the battle in miniature featuring Homegrown Figures. Be sure to visit the Gift Shop & git yor Homegrown

Rudy's Wargaming Site

Rudy G, remembered best as the creator of Gedemco "modelconcrete" bldgs offers a very creative site with a history of wargaming in the 70's- Check it out

Frederik's Marine Site

A very professional site devoted to the US Marines. Frederik is also getting into sculpting- very talented guy.



  Painting Service 

n Sri Lanka for 

Wargamer and collector. 

Everytime I post a link from distant locations  I am amazed to see the world shrink a little more: Fernando Enterprises Miniature figure painting service: A reliable and quality miniature figure painting service for metal and plastic miniatures of all scales and all periods of human history and conflict. 60 skilled painters. 10 years service to Wargamers and collectors. Excellent worldwide references. 

Johnny Reb Forum

Visit The Civil War Message Forum. A Place To Discuss All Your Favorite Civil War Topics.



Terrain Sampler - War Zone Gaming Terrain