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We Make History




Homegrown Miniatures






25mm Infantry SPECIAL SETS List ACW Infantry Gallery
12 Figures @ $11.95
08 Inf Figs/04 Cmd  
25mm ACW Infantry special sets


HGSS01  KANSAS "JAYHAWKERS" (Guerillas ambushing)
HGSS02 Infantry Command in Soft Hats
HGSS03 Infantry Command in Kepi
HGSS04 Infantry Command Casualties
HGSS05 Troops Foraging off the land
HGSS06 Sutler People (Civilians & Troops on R&R)
HGSS07 Wintertime Troops
HGSS08 Plantation People
HGSS09 Muskets & Shotguns (8) $5.95
HGSS10 Assorted Casualties- Dynamic combat casuaties!



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