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  25mm Artillery         25mm ACW Artillery & Special sets GALLERY 
g=02 Guns     @ $4.95                          
c=08 gunners @$7.95  SS=special sets 

25mm ACW Artillery & Special sets 

HGAC01g 3" Ordnance Rifle

HGAC02g 10 LB Parrot "Rifled Gun"

HGAC03g 12 LB Napoleon

HGAC01c Basic crew

HGAC02c Basic crew

special sets
HGAC01s Command:4 Artillery Officers & 2 Mtd Spotters $7.95

HGAC02s 4 Horse Limber (1) $10.95


This is a schematic of a Napoleon, with the addition of a chamber purely for illustrative purposes. (From Dean S. Thomas, Cannons: An Introduction to Civil War Artillery)

Cutaway diagram of a cannon
a - knob
b - neck
c - vent
d - trunnion
e - muzzle swell
f - muzzle face
g - muzzle
h - rimbase
i - cascable
j - breech
k - chamber
l - bore