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In Memory Of Our Hall and Bible Ancestors

Sam and Emeline Ellison Hall

Samuel Hall born 10 Dec. 1874 and died 6 April 1959 and Emeline Ellison Hall born 3 June 1873 and died on 13 May 1926. Sam and Emeline were married 31 Jan. 1895. Sam Hall is buried at Union and Emeline is buried at Bell Hill Cemetery

Samuel Hall`s father was Allen Hall.

Allen and Emeline Eliza Bible Hall
Allen Hall born 7 Dec. 1848 and died 21 Feb. 1935 was the son of Samuel born 1801/05 and died Feb.1893 and Martha Brewington Hall born Oct. 1808. They had 6 boys and 3 girls. Sam and Martha are buried on Hall`s Top. Allen Hall married Emeline Eliza Bible (pictured here). Allen and Emeline are buried in the Bullington Cemetery at Ravens Branch in Cherokee National Forest.

Samuel Hall was the son of William "Billy" Sr. and Sarah Wooten Hall. They had two boys and 4 girls. Both are buried on Hall`s Top. Billy died 1 May 1859.

For the children of Samuel and William "Billy" Hall Click Here


Emeline Eliza Bible was born the child of Jacob Biel Bible and Arbella Cleary.


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Hall Siblings i. Jacob "Jake" Hall, b. 9 Dec. 1897; d.3 Sept. 1931. buried at Bell Hill Cemetery married Allie Simmons on 15 Jan. 1921, children are Collis, Milburn, Vella, and Sylvia. 

ii. Allen Hall, b. 5 May 1900 died 2 Sept. 1982 buried at Union Cemetery married Mamie Willis on 20 Dec. 1919. Their two children are Delbert and Olin. Delbert married Rita Griffin, and their children are Joan, Delbert Jr., Peggy and Judith

  iii.Eliza Hall, b. 31 Oct. 1902; died 16 Jan. 1905 the year Rebecca was born, Eliza was two years old. Buried at Bell Hill Cemetery

  iv.Hannah Rebecca Hall b.6 Jan 1905 and died 13 April 1998 married TALMADGE E. FREEMAN, son of David Freeman, on 25 May 1925, Talmadge was born 15 May 1905 and died on 10 July 1955. Both are buried at Union Cemetery. They have 5 children: Warren, Paul, Roger, Rolan and Dan. Rebecca married secondly on 31 Aug. 1948 Allen Turner Glenn Jr and had one child, Iris Dale.

v. James Robert Hall born 25 Aug. 1906 and died 11 Nov. 1998 in Greenville S.C. married Ollie Murr on 5 June 1925. Their six children are Mildred, Beatrice, Faye, Belinda, and two sons Eulas and Furman.

ollie,Rebecca, and Sarah McGaha Hall

Ollie Murr Hall, Rebecca Hall, Sarah McGaha Hall
Pictured Here from left to right in July 1948

vi.Viola Hall was born 13 January 1909 and died 15 June 1939. She married Roy Allen Laws on 18 July 1926. Viola and Roy had five children: Eula, Ella Berneice, Elayne, Roy Donald, and Enid

vii.Rachel Hall born 21 March 1911 and died 26 Feb. 1993 married on 4 June 1927 Osborne Baxter and their children are Ardath, Latha born 26 Mar. 1933, Dianna, and Dane born 5 Nov. 1944. Rachel Hall is buried at Union Cemetery

viii. Effie Hall born 22 April 1916 and died 19 March 1984 married William Cogdill on 6 Aug. 1940 and their two children are Ronny and William.

iv. Frank Hall born 4 Oct 1913 and living married on 25 Dec. 1936 1. Sara McGaha Lee 2. married in Apr. 1965 Lucy Suggs 3. Eunice White Wilson died 28 May 2002. Frank has one adopted son Tony.

sam hal.jpg Samuel D. Hall married secondly Sarah Ball Rollins. His third wife was Cora May McMahan b. Feb. 16, 1903. Sam and Cora are buried together, at Union Cemetery in Newport, Tn. and they had four children:

x.Katherine Powell Hall b. Sept. 13th 1923 d. Jan. 10, 1998
Married (1) John King.
(1) Patricia,
(2) Judy, Deceased
(3) Beverly
Katherine married (2) J. D. McAbee.

xi.Ellen Hall b. July 30, 1928
Married (1) Abe Leatherwood (deceased)
(1) Frances married Alan Karty.   Children: Heather and Geoffrey
Heather has two children: Genevieve 4 and Rachel 2. She is married to Roger Brown.
(2) James (Jim) Leatherwood married (1) Barbara Johnston Children: Jason and Christine (2) Marlene Kaeftner
Ellen married (2) Vernon Bailey.
(1) Robert married (1) Sandra Platter: Child: Eric
Robert married (2) Ruth Taylor Sammons
(2) Samuel Allen Bailey b. 22 Dec. 1962 married (1) Nancy Banks (deceased). (2) Thea Garver. No children
(3) Lora married Jimmy Oberts. Children: Kasey, Justin and Matthew

xii.Ransom Hall b. June 2, 1930
Married (1) Grace Butler, Deceased
(1) Audrey married (1) Tim Holt. Child: Amy.   Audrey married (2)Willie Miller. Children: Mark and Andrea
(2) Shelia married Roger Adams. Child: Rodney
(3) Novalene married (1) L. H. Phillips. Children: Jennifer and Monica. Novalene married (2) Jerry Sneed. Child: Rachel
(4) Treva Gail married Jimmy Shropshire. Child: Derik
Ransom married (2) Betty Sutton Ford.

xiii.Alford Hall b. April 1, 1935
Married Joyce Rollins
(1) Marvin Rollins Children: Girls ? Randie and Ashley
(2) Nancy Lafond married Bobby Swanger. Children: Lucus and Jill

xiv.Mary Emeline Hall b. November 10, 1942
Married Jack Raines
(1) Stella married Gary Hurley. Children: Chris and Evan
(2) James
(3) Lenora married Wendell Brooks. Child: Alyssa
(4) Jacqueline b. Mar. 12, 1964; d. Mar. 13, 1964

pictured below: back row l-r Frank Hall, Jim Hall, Allen Hall
front row l-r Effie Hall Cogdill, Rebecca Hall Freeman Glenn, Singing Sam Hall, Rachel Hall Baxter- picture made in 1957 at Glenn`s Furniture

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