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Origin of the Glenn surname
Spelling Variations: Gleann, Glen, Glin, Glinn, Glyn, Glynn
Feminine Forms: Glenna
Origin: Irish Gaelic
Meaning: Valley
Pronunciation: GLEN

It is celtic and found in Wales (usually Glyn) Scotland, often Glenn, and in Ireland as Glynn or McGlynn (common in Donegal).

The Progeny of Dr. John James Wingfield Glenn

John James Wingfield Glenn was born June 19 1832 died Sept. 1922. Who was in the 22nd generation (D-4 meaning he was in the 4th generation in the USA. We trace our genealogy from: **Click on picture to enlarge, photo of John James Wingfield Glenn and Annis Salema Cushing Glenn.**


1st generation
John de Ness, Constable of Dunoon,Scotland.

2nd generation
Lord Richard de le Glen in 20 Edward I (or AD 1292) inherited the estate (which was "the glen") and changed the family name to Glen,

3rd generation
John de le Glenn inherited the lands called Gaytflat in the tenure of the Glen. His descendants held estates in Kilmun as late as 1373.

4th generation
Robert Glen must have been almost of age in 1292. In the revolt of Wallace he commanded troops of Robert Wishart Bishop of Glasgow who discerned that his Baliff muster his troops under John de Glen against the Prince of Whales. Robert Glenn married Margaret the 10th daughter of King Robert Bruce I of Scotland. Our traditions state Robert accompanied the heart of his deceased father-in-law King Bruce to the Holy land and the Linlithgow line used two crests, one a martlet, the other an arm, the hand holding a heart in commemoration of that event. King Bruce`s body is buried at Dunfermline, his heart at Melrose. Moreover the Glenns of Bar possessed the sword of Bruce which a descendant carried to Ireland in 1606, where it was seen a few years since. The inscription on the blade leaves no doubt as to its original ownership.

5th generation
William Glen d. before 14 June 1373 and Paul was of age.

6th generation
Paul Glen received payment of the King, 1664 (30 Sept.38 David II).

7th generation
Succeding Paul entered service of Robert Stewart de Lorn de Scotia had safe conduct 16 July 7 Henry VI (1429), also this John had safe conduct several time 9 to 10 Hen. VI, Lorn being then a hostage in England. Thomas Glen, perhaps a brother to John, was a prisoner of war in England, 6 April, 10 Hen VI.

8th generation
William Glen, son of John appears to have held Gaytflat as well as Bar. Under the designation Wilemo Glen, armegeris, he is named as a witness at donation of fishings to Monastery of Paisley 25 Sept. 1452.

9th generation
Heir of William of Bar, who d. 1506 was succeded by James Glen. He was at Flodden Field 9 Sept. of 1513. In 1517 he was Capt. of Footmen. This 10th generation James Glen was succeeded by his son James Glen on the 11th generation. He executed a bond on 4 January, 1565 for delivery of the castle of St. Andrews to the King and Queen upon six hours notice, under penalty of 5000 marks.

12th generation
James Glen (The children of James Glen of Bar, second of the name were James, William, Alexander, Archibald, David, Mary, and perhaps others) . James the eldest, Groom of the Chamber, to Darnley, was killed at Kirk a Field. He was forfeited in 1568 but was restored by Treaty of Perth, 1573.

13th generation
Archibald Glen as Regent of the Univerisity of Glasgow 1596, d. 1614.

14th generation
David Glen of Glenlora which adjoined Bar 1598-9. His sons moved from Dunlop to Ireland in 1606.

15th generation
John Glen moved from Down to Lifford, his children were born 1606 to 1620.

16th generation
John Glen of Londenderry d.28 Dec. 1686.

17th generation
Ninian Glen, his children were of age in 1700.

18th generation
James Glen, son of Ninian, his will of 13th Sept.1740 was proved 23 May, 1747.

19th generation (and A-1 in the family 1/2 will of the USA)
John Glen, born 1727-8 moved from Ireland to Pennsylvania and later to Virginia.

20th generation (B-2)
James Glenn b. 15th March, 1760 in Va. where he was killed in the Revolutionary War (see "RS" on land grant dated December 11, 1835 ) his will dated 2 Dec. 1835 was proved 10th November 1837.

21st generation (c-3)
Joshua Nicholas Glen (born 11 July, 1799. Missionary to St. Augustine, Fla,1823. Married Sarah Garland Wingfield 5 August, 1823. He died 16 Sept, 1879. His wife bor 21st Nov. 1797 was of Royal descent, see line 21, page 21, #16, Adams and Weis. The Magna Charta Sureties. She died 21 April, 1863.

22nd generation (D-4)
John Wingfield Glenn, MD. born 19th June, 1832 graduated University of Ga. at Augusta in 1852. Married 1st Susan Mary Ann Nunnally 25th May, 1852. Her birth date 8th Oct. 1832 , died 3rd Sept. 1873. He was a surgeon in the Confederate Army under General John H. Morgan`s command in Virginia.Glenn, John James Wingfield -- 1st Lieutenant - April 30, 1861. Resigned, disability, August 2, 1862. Enlisted in Cavalry Company B, 18th Regiment Newton County
Dr. Glenn married 2ndly Annis Salema Cushing on 31st Jan. 1877, she was born 7th Dec. 1851, died 24th Dec. 1922. John James Wingfield Glenn died 20th Sept, 1922. Issue, five sons and three daughters by 1st marriage and three sons by second. There are only two left in Dec. 1971, a daughter Miss Layona Glenn and the youngest child, a son, Mark Twain Glenn. Dr. Glenn was in the 4th generation in the USA.

23 generation (E-5)
1. Sarah Eulalia born 7 March 1854 in Georgia, died February 2, 1871.

2. Joshua Nunnally "Estell" born 16 Aug 1856 in Georgia, died 28 Jan 1914. ("Dutch")

3. Wingfield Overton "Mapp" born 29 Oct. 1858 in Newton,Ga, died 16 Jan. 1928.

4.Mary George "Minnie" born 11 Oct. 1860 in Georgia, died 16 Jan. 1938

5.John Garland Foster born 16 May 1863 in Rockdale, Ga died 8 Nov ? in Conyers,Ga.

6.Susan Layona "Peg" born 8 March 1866 in Conyers,Ga, died 19 March 1972 in Atlanta,Ga.

7.William Ivanhoe Nickolas born 6 March 1868 in Geogia, died 5 Feb. 1939.

8. Allen Turner"Boss" born 28 June 1871 in Conyers,Ga, died 17 Feb. 1921 in Atlanta, Ga.

Children of Dr. Glenn who have great grandchildren of ninth generation children are Estelle, Walter, Mapp, Minnie, and Boss.

Allen Turner (Boss) born 28 June 1871 in Conyers, Ga died 17 Feb 1921 in Atlanta,Ga married Carrie Hamner born 23 Sept 1871 in Fayette, Alabama, died 10 December 1945 in Atlanta,Ga. Carrie`s parents were Thomas Wingfield Hamner died ca. 1932 buried in Oakman, Alabama at Jefferson Strong Cemetary and Sara Elizabeth Yerby born ca 1849 and died 1925 in Flat Creek, Alabama.Yerby History Thomas and Sara were married 20 April 1866 on the front porch of the brides father home. Sara Elizabeth Yerby parents were Francis M. Yerby born 18 July 1829 and died 10 Aug. 1887 and Lida Ann Walden born 11 Jan. 1833 and died 7 Jan. 1891. They were both buried in Pilgrims Rest Church cemetary outside Fayette, Alabama. They were married on 15 Feb. 1850. The eight children of Francis M. Yerby and Lida Ann Walden were Minnie, Nora, Rippie and Ressie (Twins), Jasper Newton, Monica, Allice ,and Sara Elizabeth Yerby.The Nine Children of Thomas William Hamner and Sara Elizabeth Yerby were Carrie, Media, Manly Holiday, Elizabeth, Lily, Savannah, Jenny, Jim, Ludie and Carrie Hamner born 23 Sept 1871 in Pensacola, Fla.

Carrie Hamner married Allen Turner "Boss" Glenn 17 July 1892. Allen and Carrie had nine children: ***Click on photo to enlarge. Photo of Boss and Carrie Hamner Glenn.*****


24th generation (F-6)
1. Mary Elizabeth Glenn born ca. 1906 in Fayette, Alabama. and died 28 Feb. 1932 at St.Johns cemetary in Pensacola, Fla. She died in auto accident.

2. Vera (nmn) Glennborn 25 July 1911 and died March 1985.

3. Willard Glenn born 1904 and died at 2 months old

4. Agnes Virginia Glenn born 1909 died young at 2 months.

5. Sidney Franklin Glenn born 12 Apr. 1900 in Fayette, Alabama and died 15 Nov. 1987 in Newport, Tn.

6. John James William "Will" Glenn born 12 Aug. 1895 in Fayette, Alabama and died 31 Dec. 1987 in Atlanta, Ga.

7. Thomas Wingfield Glenn born 17 Aug. 1895 in Fayette, Alabama and died 26 June 1946 in Pensacola, Fla.

8. Susan Layona Alameda "Susie" Glenn born 20 Nov. 1898 in Fayette, Alabama and died 20 Feb. 1973 in Pensacola, Fla.

images/alairi.jpg 9. Allen Turner Glenn Jr. born 26 Nov. 1907 in Walnut Grove,Ga, died 14 Sept 1954 in Newport, Tn married Rebecca Hall Freeman Glenn born 6 Jan. 1905 in Hartford,Tn, died 13 April 1998 in Newport,Tn. They were married in Rossville,Ga. They had one child Iris Dale Glenn born 12 Dec. 1949. Allen and Iris Dale pictured here. Click to enlarge

Pictured Here: Alan Turner Glenn and his sister Vera Glenn. Click on picture to enlarge.

Wingfield Overton "Mapp" Glenn born 29 Oct. 1858 in Newton,Ga, died 16 Jan. 1928 married L. Virginia "Jennie" Cushing on 28 Apr. 1879. Virginia was born 18 July 1858 in Ga. and died 19 Apr. 1951 in Greensboro N.C, Their children were:

1. Daisy Glenn born 13 Oct. 1886 in Conyers, Ga. and died ?

2. Walter Whitmore Glenn born 23 Feb. 1884 in Conyers, Ga. and died 11 Sept. 1957.

3. Mary Georgia "Mamie" Glenn born 9 Mar. 1882 in Conyers, Ga. and died ?

4. Authur Leon Glenn born 30 July 1880 in Conyers, Ga. and died 21 July 1940.

5. Joshua Nunnally "Estell" Glenn married Vesta Haralson on March 2, 1891 in Ga. Their daughter Vesta Estelle Glenn married Frank George Hensler. Their oldest child Al Hensler married Laura Gilbert.Their children were Mary Dianne Lee born in 1942, Dorothy Allene Wilson born in 1945, Betts A. Bishop born in 1954. Dianne Lee had 2 children, Mary Robin Lambert and Cynthia Glenn Bierworth. Child Allene Wilson had 2 children, Kimberly Anne Elwell and Jeffrey Wayne Wilson. Child Betts A. Bishop had 2 children, Oona Faith Chilsom and Frank Faulkner Bishop. Walter Glenn Sr. married Lucille Hudson. Child Harry had one child. Child Paul had 1 child. Child Aker had 3 children. Child Glenda Strickland had 3 children. Child David had 2 children. Daisy m. Annis Ford. Their child Diana Taylor had one child. Mapp m. Sarah "JO"sephine Haliburton.Child Sarah Evans had 2 children. Child Tom Henry had 2 children. Child "Clayti?"Madonnah Beasley had one child first marriage and as Madonnah Wright one child.

Rebecca Hall Freeman See Hall family Pictures. Iris Dale being their only child born 12/12/1949 in Newport, Tennessee at home in the Clifton Heights community. I was delivered by my aunt Rachel Baxter. Also present were five half brothers, Warren, Paul, Roger, Rolan, and Dan Freeman. Friends included Wilma Dykeman Stokely historian for the state of Tennessee who was our next door neighbor.

See Glenn Family Pictures



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