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Hamner Family History

Nicholas Hamner 111

Notes on Nicholas Jr.:
Received a portion of his father, Robert's, estate on the Hardware River. There he established a school and called it "Glendower" after Owen Glendower, last independent Prince of Wales, who married Margaret Hamner. Served in the Revolution and on April 14. 1781 was commissioned a captain in the Militia. Buried at the Hamner Family Burying ground of the home built by Nicholas III, near Little Carter's bridge, Albemarle County, VA.

   Marriage Information:
Nicholas married Agnes TOMPKINS, daughter of Giles TOMPKINS and Unknown, in 1767 in Albemarle County, Virginia. (Agnes TOMPKINS was born in Albemarle County, Virginia 14 and died in Albemarle County, Virginia 14.)

Son of Nicholas Hamner 111
William Hamner* b. 1730
m. Mary Elizabeth Henley
b. ca. 1732

Notes:William Hamner was the 5th son of Nicholas Hamner 111. He owned land [500 acres] bought from Thomas Fitzpatrick on the south fork of the hardware river, not far from Thomas Jefferson. He also acquired 900 acres more on the north fork, which he sold in 1782 to Colonel John Old. It is not known if he called his estate Glendower or not, but being of Welsh descent it is very probable that he did, since Margaret Hanmer, daughter of Sir David de Hanmer, married Owen Glendower, the self-proclaimed Prince of Wales, who led the Welsh revolution against Henry 4th from 1400 A.D. to 1409 A.D. and is still much revered by the Welch people

Son of William Hamner
Turner HAMNER Sr*.
Birth: December 27, 1752, Albemarle County, Virginia
Married: Abt 1774, Albemarle County, Virginia
Death: November 2, 1845, Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama
Married: Nancy Ann MOORE
daughter of John MOORE and Mary, about 1774 in Albemarle County, Virginia.
Nancy Ann MOORE was born on May 17, 1755 in Albemarle County, Virginia 14 and died on November 2, 1833 in Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama 14.

Known children: John HAMNER, William HAMNER, Elizabeth HAMNER. Mary Henley HAMNER, Martha HAMNER, Matthew HAMNER, Sarah HAMNER Samuel HAMNER, Turner HAMNER Jr.* Susannah Bullock HAMNER, Lucy Patterson HAMNER

Moved to Georgia in 1798.
In Georgia Land Lottery in 1805 and lived at Broad River, Oglethorpe County.
Moved to Alabama in 1819.
Buried with his wife (in one grave) near Taylorville, Alabama.

Son of Turner Hamner Sr.
Turner Hamner Jr*. b. 1 Mar. 1791
m. Martha "Betsy" Cooper b. ?

Son of Turner Hamner Jr.
William Taylor Hamner* b. ca. 1816
m. 1st unknown
m. 2nd Permilia Pruett Chism 1826
dau. of Middleton and Lucrecia Chism
children: 1. Thomas Wingfield Hamner
b. ca. 1839
2. George Harrison Hamner b. ca 1843
m. Sara McGee
3. John Pruitt Hamner b. ca 1846
m. Annie Margaret Hull issue one child Permelia Alma Hull
4. William Taylor Hamner Jr. b. ca 1849
m. Emma Alabama Shirley
5. Louis Alfred Hamner b. ca 1850
m. Penina Wilson Clements
6. Martial Hamner b. ca 1852
7. Ezekial Anders Hamner b. ca 1853
m. Mary Jane McGee
children: Permilia Frances, John William, Iva Della, Benjamin Franklin, Viola, Ursery Ray, Marshall Dee David

8. Louisia F. Hamner b. ca 1855
9. Martha E. Hamner b. ca 1860

Son of William Taylor Hamner Jr.
Thomas Wingfield Hamner*
b. ca. 1839 m. Sarah Elizabeth Yerby
b. ca 1849 in Fayette County, Alabama
d. ca 1925 in Flat Creek, Alabama
Thomas and Sara were married 20 April 1866 on the front porch of her father`s home.
children: 1. Carrie Hamner 2. Media Hamner 3.Manly Holiday Hamner 4. Elizabeth Hamner 5. Lily Hamner 6. Savannah Hamner 7. Jenny Hamner 8. Jim Hamner 9. Ludie Hamner
Media Hamner m. J. Rocace Horne
Lily Hamner m. Wm Herren
Savannah Hamner m. Parker ?
Jenny Hamner m. Walter S. Oswell
Walter was a full-blooded Indian

Dau. of Thomas Wingfield Hamner
Carrie Hamner* b. 23 Sept. 1871 in Fayette, Alabama d. 10 Dec. 1945 in Pensacola, Florida and buried at St. John`s Cemetary
m. Allen Turner "Boss" Glenn b. 28 June 1871 in Conyers, Ga. d. 17 Feb. 1924. They were married on 17 July 1892 in Bride`s father`s home
chidren: 1. Thomas Wingfield Glenn b. 17 Aug. 1894 in Fayette, Alabama married Lenor Mina Putnam on 14 Oct. 1919 Thomas was buried in Pensacola, Florida at Barrancas Nat`l Cemetary.
2. John James Wingfield Glenn b. 12 Aug 1895
m. Betty Pauline Guthrie nee Thompson on 27 May 1918
3. Susan "Susie" Layona Glenn b. 20 Nov. 1898 d. Feb. 1973 in Pensacola, Florida m. first Marion Wilna Knight and secondly Benjamin Hobson Fuller
child from first marriage was Marion Knight and child from second marriage was Leonard Hobson Fuller
4. Willard Glenn b. 1904 and died at 2 months
5. Mary Elizabeth Glenn b. 1906 d. 28 Feb. 1932 in Pensacola, Fla. at St. John`s Cemetary
6. Allen Turner Glenn b. 26 Nov. 1909 d. 14 Sept. 1954
7. Agnes Virginia Glenn b. 1909 died at two months
8. Vera Glenn b. 25 July 1911 d. 1985 in Rhode Island buried in Florida at St. John`s Cemetary.

Child of Carrie Hamner
Allen Turner Glenn* m. Hannah Rebecca Hall Freeman on 1 Aug. 1948
one child Iris Dale b. 12 Dec. 1949 living

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