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DISCLAIMER: Mastiff Breeders has absolutely NO CONTROL over advertisements that are placed on this website by our Angelfire host. Mastiff Breeders does not endorse any breeder or vendor.

The Mastiff Breeder List is a privately owned and operated mail list. Its membership is comprised of Mastiff breeders or breeders of Mastiff-type dogs. We are proud that our membership includes breeders from all over the world; United States, Canada, England, Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, France, Denmark, Norway, Spain and Holland etc. We invite Mastiff breeders or breeders of Mastiff-types to apply for membership. We also cordially invite people who are interested in Mastiffs, in general, or who are specifically interested to acquire a Mastiff to visit our links to Mastiff Breed Clubs and Breeders.

Our mail list is active, but not overwhelming. We encourage any and all discussions that are pertinent to the breeding of Mastiffs. If the discussions become heated we may halt the thread and then it can resume at a later time. Some discussions can become very graphic. For the benefit of our members and to enhance discussions taking place on the list, we established this web site so that images can be put here and shared. Be WARNED, however, that some of these images may be offensive, or difficult to look at and graphic as they may relate to the progress of a cancer growth, gangrene mastitis in the breast of a nursing bitch, the mechanics of breeding or actual whelping pictures. The main purpose of the Mastiff Breeder List is to provide an encouraging environment that allows the friendly sharing of education and mentoring between the new breeders and the long time breeders. If you are a breeder of Mastiffs or Mastiff types, or if you plan to become a breeder of Mastiffs or Mastiff types in the near future, you may apply to join the mail list by sending your request to join to one of the list owners (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

If you are in the market for a Mastiff puppy, we strongly recommend that you not purchase your Mastiff puppy at a pet store. This recommendation is based on many reasons, some of them humane reasons and some of them practical reasons. Most people only buy puppies at pet stores for two reasons, spontaneity because the puppy tugs at their heart strings or because they want a puppy and they don't know where else to shop.

Every time a puppy is purchased at a pet shop the money is routed back to a puppy mill where the parents live a life of neglect and misery. Some people will say they felt sorry for the puppy in the pet store and that is why it was purchased. The pet store views the purchase as a sign of good business and as soon as the puppy leaves the premises the owner is on the phone ordering a replacement puppy of the same breed. Every sale supports the puppy mill industry.

The sire and dam are only inventory to the puppy miller. They are breeding stock exactly the way cattle and sheep are breeding stock. Livestock is bred with a view of them having a potential life span of only about two years after which they are slaughtered for food. If cattle or sheep have inherited genetic problems nobody really cares because they are not destined to live long lives anyway. Longevity is not a consideration in the breeding scheme. Dogs, on the other hand, are bred by puppy millers who use the same "livestock short life" mentality. Except the puppies these millers produce are being purchased by innocent customers. Customers who have a realistic expectation that their new puppy will become an integral part of the family. They dream their puppy will live a long and healthy life as their child's companion. Sadly, and all too often, those expectations and dreams are not realized.

Since puppy milling is a big business, an integrate part of the livestock industry in some states, they want to keep overhead costs low. Every single breed of dog has hereditary problems. Some breeds have eye disorders that lead to total blindness, while others may have crippling hip or elbow problems, and yet others may have life-threatening heart conditions, or allergies that require life long medication, or seizure disorders, and the list goes on and on. It would severely cut into potential profits if sires and dams had to be tested for these conditions. Or, if tested and confirmed to have any of these problems, if a potential sire or dam had to be removed from a breeding program. But... profit must not be compromised by ethics, so sires and dams go untested. That cuddly, adorable puppy gets purchased by an unsuspecting buyer who has no idea that in two years or so, after every family member is madly in love with the puppy, he may die as a result of hereditary heart or kidney failure.

This web site offers links to the members of the Mastiff Breeder Email List. We encourage you, if you are searching to purchase a Mastiff puppy, to visit the links. Follow that up by contacting many different breeders. Visit them in their homes to determine how the dam, and possibly the sire, reside. Examine the certifications that advise of the genetic testing on the sire and/or dam. Invest the time and education necessary to find the perfect Mastiff puppy that will become a member of your family and a companion to you and your family. Be embarassed if you spend more time looking for a family car than you do your family pet.




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