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By necessity, these pictures are graphic. They demonstrate the actual birthing of mastiff puppies. Here is the first puppy born being attended to by the dam.

The dam is still cleaning the first puppy while the second puppy awaits her attention. Note the umbilical cord is still attached to the puppy and the placenta - which is yet to appear.

The dam has now turned her attention to tending to the second puppy.

Three puppies are at the teats nursing and the fourth puppy is busy arriving.

This is a closeup up the puppy in the above picture who is in the process of being born. Note you can clearly see the puppy's front leg and head visible through the membrane.

The following picture is of Tia, while she was pregnant with 15 puppies.

This beautiful brindle bitch is Tia's daughter, Cookie, who came from the litter of 15. Cookie is pregnant in this picture, carrying 14 puppies.

These are two of Cookie's puppies, born by caesarian section, moments after being dried off. The fawn puppy is destined to become Ta-Tanka. We thought the viewers would find it interesting to see how he matured.

This is Ta-Tanka with his daddy, Sherman. In this snapshot Sherman was 9 years old and Ta-Tanka was about 5 weeks old.

Here is Ta-Tanka at 7 years.

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