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What is a SiteRing?
A SiteRing is a way to link Web sites of similar interests or topics to one another through a SiteRing Panel placed on each website that joins the Ring. All of the websites that join a Ring are linked to each other through the SiteRing "Panel".
This helps bring a sense of community to visitors who use SiteRings to tour many sites devoted to one topic or area of interest, and in the process brings more traffic to the websites that are members of the Ring.
This SiteRing is for members of the Mastiff Breeders List ONLY!
Our web sites are all owned by people who breed English Mastiffs and who are members of the Mastiffbreeders' email List. This is a private list, but you are welcome to apply for membership if you meet the qualifications.

If you are already a member of the Mastiff Breeder List you may JOIN THE MB-L Webring NOW.

If you are NOT a member of the Mastiff Breeder List, please read the QUALIFICATIONS to join the Mastiff Breeder List:

The purpose of this list is to share information on HOW to breed dogs, and do so responsibly, with others who will use this information. All of us on this list have tremendous respect and appreciation for the people who own, love, and sometimes show their mastiffs. However, the list does not primarily discuss information that is of particular interest to pet owners. Also, due to restrictions imposed by our server, we are limited as to the number of people who can participate on this list, so we have a selective criteria for those who apply.

Before being added to the MB list or MB-L Site Ring, you must meet certain qualifications. You must be actively involved in breeding mastiffs. This means that you must:

  • Be a breeder of record; or,
  • Be a stud dog owner; or,
  • Own a bitch or dog that you plan to breed in the near future; or,
  • Have information and resources that make you a valuable asset to the list by providing information specific to breeding practices that will help those who share this information to breed better dogs.

    If you feel that you meet this criteria and would like to join the Mastiff Breeders' List and add your page to the Mastiff Breeders' List Site Ring, please write a brief synopsis of your qualifications to our List Administrators when you Join the Mastiff Breeder List.

    If you are already a member of the Mastiff Breeder List and wish to join the MB-L Webring, CLICK HERE