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"Over 3 Decades of Award Winning Excellence in Marketing, Public Relations, Freelance News Reporting, Photojournalism and Community Service"


Free Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations and Analysis Consulting!

    The Vernon Advocate was launched in 1993 by Dr. John T. Whiting as a FREE service to help friends and local area businesses resolve problems and achieve success and profitability in the Vernon area market.  It is Dr. Whiting's desire to give back to the Vernon area community along with offering additional Free consulting and business decision making management, book writing and career problem solving services.

    Vernon Advocate Offers Commentaqry on Issues Important to Americans:

  •  The American and NATO response to Putin's aggression and war in Ukraine is wrong.  History will record this flawed response as shameful.  Read "History will say US, NATO and World’s Response to Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine was Shameful! " by clicking HERE.

  • The attempt by some to attempt to alter hisotry and promote conspiracy theories that are not supported by the truth or fracts is a threat to America.  The Replacement Theory is an example.  This theory is not only without merit but is one that if were to be true would result in dmaging the  people that have attempted to promote it as factual to Americans.  Read "Let the Extremist Replacement Theorists Live Their Dream - For A Week!" by clicking HERE.

The Vernon Advocate has writtien a case study exposing the HP (formally Hewlett Packard) change in policy from a legacy marked by a commitment to quality products and customer service to one of addicating quality and customer service for profits.  Read the summary of this case study entitled "Has HP become a Boeing Lookalike by Putting Profits Above Quality, Honesty  and Customer Service?".


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