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Recent File List Editor for Visual Basic

Freeware programs for VB versions 5 and 6

VBwire The Visual Basic recent file list dialog may display old projects that have been deleted and useless entries containing non-printing characters. The Visual Basic Recent File List Editor is a freeware application which allows you to remove entries, reorder the list and edit individual entries. Using the program is so easy that you will not need any help beyond the tool tips of the controls. There are separate version for VB5 and VB6, called RFLEVB5 and RFLEVB6.

Recent Files List editor for VB5 and VB6

The Recent Files List is held in the registry which makes it very awkward to modify directly. If you run the Editor whilst VB is running, VB will re-write the registry with its internal list when it closes. Any changes made by the Recent File List Editor will be lost.

The Visual Basic Recent Files List Editor is supplied "as-is". RHA (Minisystems) Ltd. accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of data through the use of this application.

Recent Files List Editor download

Software File File size Kb
Recent Files List Editor for VB5 and VB6 267
Visual Basic runtime files. If the editor does not run on your computer, go to Visual Basic runtime files

The file contains ReadMe.txt and Setup.exe which installs RFLEVB5 and RFLEVB6. An uninstall icon is placed in the Start Menu. The programs can also be uninstalled by the add/Remove programs applet in the control panel.


The file may be distributed freely so long as it is not altered in any way. Please feel free to put it on your website, CDROM cover disks or wherever you wish.

Written by Benjamin and Roger Abbott, RHA (Minisystems) Ltd.

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