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TagCheck HTML and XML tag validator with editing

A freeware program for 32-bit Windows

TagCheck tests your HTML or XML code to ensure that all the tags are properly nested and closed. It does not validate anything else. It adds a context menu item to HTML and XML files, but does not change any file associations. If you select the "Check with TagCheck" context menu item when TagCheck is already running the file is checked by the existing instance.

If you check one file at a time, the text is displayed in the main window with the errors marked in red. You can use TagCheck to correct the errors, save it and check it again. Alternatively, you can check a batch of files. In that case a list of the files is shown, annotated with the number of errors found in each.

You can modify the lists of tags for which a closing tag is forbidden (such as META and BR) and those for which a closing tag is optional (such as P and LI). All other tags must be closed. Editing the lists allows you to check tags which you habitually close even though it's not required.

XML parsing is activated either by an XML file extension or finding a <?xml......> tag. An indicator on the status bar shows which mode is in force. There are two differences between HTML mode and XML mode.

  • In XML mode all tags must be closed except those for which it is forbidden.
  • Sections between square brackets [...] are parsed as a separate unit. Within the brackets all tags must be correct. The text outside the brackets is treated as if the bracketed section had been removed.

TagCheck HTML and XML tag checker and editor screen shot

Software Click on the file name to download File File size Kb
TagCheck HTML validator with install/uninstall 265
TagCheck HTML validator program files 37 contains readme.txt and the installation program setup.exe. The programs can be uninstalled by the Uninstall icon in the Start Menu or by the add/Remove programs applet in the control panel. contains readme.txt, the program file and the help files. To install, unzip into the folder of your choice. To uninstall, simply delete the files.

TagCheck HTML and XML tag checker and editor is supplied "as-is". RHA (Minisystems) Ltd. accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of data through the use of this application.


The zip files may be distributed freely so long as they are not altered in any way. Please feel free to put it on your web site, CDROM cover disks or wherever you wish.

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