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DDServer Control for Visual Basic

A DDE component which allows a Visual Basic application to be a fully fledged Dynamic Data Exchange Server

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Why you should use DDServer

  • The Service and Item names are not limited to valid VB names, and are set at run time not compile time.
  • You can easily make Windows open files with a running instance of your VB application.
  • DDServer allows you to use DDE in Visual Basic authored controls.
  • The programming interface has a class structure which VB programmers will feel at home with.
  • It is much faster than the built-in mechanism.
  • Data in any format can be received and sent, not just strings.
  • A DDE server using native VB may crash if another applications does a "Wildconnect". DDServer does not have this problem.
  • The help file includes an overview of DDE and complete design time context sensitive help.
  • The control uses the DDEML API to provide guaranteed correct DDE protocol usage.
  • DDServer future proofs your application because native DDE support has been removed from VB.NET. Note: the Beta 1 release of VB.NET has an incomplete COM wrapper mechanism which prevents DDServer events from working. We are promised in the .NET newsgroups that this will be fixed in Beta 2.
  • DDClient can be used with VBA in Microsoft Office applications and in VBScript.

Your questions answered

Benefits | Questions and answers | Download | Installation | Order | Customer Support

DDServer downloads

Software Click on the file name to download File File size Kb
DDServer DDE server component for Visual Basic 5 429
DDServer DDE server component for Visual Basic 6 424
Samples -Simple editable DDClient and DDServer projects. They require the controls to be already installed. 15
WebSpy browser URL monitor for IE and Netscape Navigator with source code. Uses DDClient and DDServer. 498

Benefits | Questions and answers | Download | Installation | Order | Customer Support

Installation and removal

The DDServer ZIP file contains Setup.exe, ReadMe.txt, File_Id.diz and Vendinfo.diz. Setup.exe installs the full DDServer and evaluation DDSvDemo controls in the Windows System directory. The help files and test applications are placed in the folder of your choice. An uninstall icon is placed in the program group, the Control Panel Add/Remove programs applet can also be used to uninstall DDServer.

  • The evaluation version does not require a design time licence but may not be deployed with your applications or used commercially. It is fully functional but limited to one Service, two Topics (including the System Topic) and 10 data items per topic. It always shows the About box on loading and unloading. The limitations have been chosen to make the control suitable for most personal use. To get you started a Test Application is provided.
  • The full version has no limitations and shows the about box only when commanded. A design time licence per developer is required for you to use it in your applications. You may not distribute the licence keys, but the controls themselves can be distributed with your applications at no cost. The compiled Test Application allows you to test the capabilities the full control. To purchase a license, please contact us.

The controls and compiled test programs require MSVBVM50.DLL (VB5) or MSVBVM60.DLL (VB6). The VB runtime program is not installed with DDServer. Either version of DDServer will work with any 32-bit version of Visual Basic as long as the appropriate runtime DLL is present.

Benefits | Questions and answers | Download | Installation | Order | Customer Support

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