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RHA (Minisystems) Ltd.

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Interprocess Communication Controls for Visual Basic
DataSend The better Interprocess Communication Control. It can transmit any type of Variant to another DataSend control, including nested arrays of Variants. DataSend transactions can replace Dynamic Data Exchange in most situations, but without any of DDE's drawbacks. You can exchange data with 32-bit and 16-bit applications which are not using DataSend. It uses the WM_COPYDATA message, as fast as any interprocess communication.
  DataSend is free to try, it is fully functional in the Visual Basic design environment. Test and sample programs and on-line help are included in download.
DDClient A fast and reliable Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) client ActiveX component for Visual Basic. It allows an unlimited number of links and does not loose updates.
DDServer A Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server ActiveX component which allows unrestricted service, topic and item names, chosen at run time. A sample program shows how to allow Windows to open files with a running instance of your VB application.
  A Free working evaluation component, comprehensive test programs and on-line help are included with DDClient and DDServer. See them in action by trying the free WebSpy browser monitor.
A informal on-line support group has been created for products published by RHA (Minisystems) Ltd, which provides help and support for any customers using our products. Please note that this is not a commercial service and we are very grateful to Dave Gustafon for creating it. You can find the group on Yahoo Groups.
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Freeware and Shareware Programs
COMclean Registry Cleaner Find the orphan COM related entries left by Visual Basic ActiveX development and uninstalling programs. A fully detailed display highlights suspicious entries.
Free Until it is registered key deletion is disabled, but there are no other restrictions, no time limit and no nag screens.
WebSpy Browser Monitor Free A real-time display of the URLs and page titles loaded by Internet Explorer and Netscape. Full source code you can copy and use is included.
Visual Basic Recent Files Editor Free Remove missing or unwanted projects from the list, reorder the rest.
Dynamic Data Studio Free A powerful DDE diagnostic tool with data recording and playback.
TagCheck HTML and XML checker Free Make sure all those opening tags are properly closed and nested. If you habitually close HTML tags where it's optional, you can check those too. In XML all tags must be closed.
File Association Editor Free Examine and Edit the registry settings Windows uses to open files. The source including re-usable VB Classes and Registry module can be obtained.
Process Master Free View all the processes, threads and windows in a Tree View. Close and terminate processes. The source including re-usable VB Classes and Enumeration module can be obtained.
Autoreg AutoPlay settings editor Free Allow or prevent autorun on any drive (including remote) to test autorun.inf files. For Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.
Algol-60 compiler Free An historic DOS implementation including comprehensive documentation.
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DDE FAQ information and links A mine of information about all aspects of Dynamic data Exchange
DDE interfaces Details of how some applications use DDE, including the Windows Shell, web browsers, Visual Basic and Excel.
Visual Basic Runtime and Controls Does a VB program stop with "Unexpected error" or "Error 50003"? Do components fail to load into Visual Basic projects? Here is how to overcome these problems.
VB and Windows programming Programming tips, samples, downloads and links to programming sites for Visual Basic and C/C++ Windows programmers.
How Windows opens files The file association Registry entries and how Windows uses them
Windows Processes How processes, threads and windows are enumerated. How to terminate a process on any version of Windows.
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