By The Hook - Ladies' Crocheted Bag
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Ladies' Crocheted Bag

Created April 09, 1999 - Modified October 06, 1999

Columbia Knitting and Crochet Perle (Art. 611A) Nos. 3, 5, 8, White; Nos. 3, 5 colors
Columbia Crochet Perle No. 3, 2 balls Pongee or any color desired
Columbia Steel Crochet Hook No. 5
1/4 yards Satin Lining

Ch = Chain
Sg C = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
P = Picot (make a chain of 3 or more stitches as indicated in directions, insert hook into first chain stitch made, and work off as single crochet.)

Chain 10 stitches, join into ring, chain 3, work 1 DC over ring, 3 Ch to form picot * 2 DC over ring, 1 picot, and repeat from * until there are 8 picots and 16 DC counting first 3 Ch as 1 DC all around ring.

ROUND 2 - 9 Ch, skip 1 picot, 1 DC between the 2 DC Ch 6 skip 1 picot, 1 DC between next 2 DC. Repeat all around, joining the last of the 8 loops on to the 4th of 9 Ch first made.

ROUND 3 - 4 Sg C over first half of loop, 21 Ch * 4 Sg C over second half of loop, 4 Sg C over next half of loop, 21 Ch and repeat from * all around, join.

ROUND 4 - Slip 4 stitches over first 4 Sg C, 5 Ch, 1 DC into the first of 21 Ch, * 1 Ch, skip 1 stitch, 1 DC into 3d of the 21 Ch. Repeat up to centre; you now have 6 DC counting the chains first made, in centre chain 5, 1 DC into the same stitch, 1 Ch, 1 DC on other side of chain until 6 DC with one Ch between are made, 1 DC into first stitch of the next loop. Repeat from * all around, join in the 4th of the 5 Ch first made.

ROUND 5 - 2 Sg C in first space, 1 Sg C, 1 picot, 1 Sg C in next space, 2 Sg C into third space, 1 Sg C, 1 picot, 1 Sg C into fourth space, 2 Sg C into the 5th space, 1 Sg C, 3 picots, 1 Sg C into top of loop, work other side in same way working 2 Sg C into last space on loop, and 2 Sg C into first space of next loop. Repeat all around, join, and break thread.

ROUND 6 - Join thread into centre of the 3 picots on top of loop, 5 Ch, 1 Sg C into third picot on top, 6 Ch * thread around hook twice, catch into first picot on side, draw through 2 and 2, thread around hook 4 times, join the last picot on this side to first picot on next loop, draw through 2, 2, 2, 2, thread around hook twice, catch into next picot on side, draw through 2, 2, and through all the remaining loops on hook, 6 Ch, 1 Sg C into first of 3 picots on top, 5 Ch, 1 Sg C into second picot on top, 5 Ch and 1 Sg C into last P on top, 6 Ch, and repeat from * all around, join.

ROUND 7 - 5 Sg C over each small loop, 6 Sg C over each of the large loops all around.

ROUND 8, 9, 10 - 1 Sg C into each stitch.

ROUND 11 - 80 chains, skip 1 point, 1 Sg C into next point, and work 1 Sg C into each stitch around bottom, up side, and 1 Sg C into each of the 80 stitches on handle, leaving the point for the opening of bag.

Work 3 rows all around, break thread, work other side of bag in same way, join the two sides, and handle with Sl St. Sl St the handles together on inside.

BUTTONS - 3 Ch, join, 2 Sg C into each stitch until you have 24 stitches around, then skip 1 stitch until closed.

LOOP - 25 Ch, join, 1 Sg C into each stitch. Sew loop to top of point, having 1 button on each side.

Line with green or any desirable shade of satin.

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