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Arizona Shaolin Kenpo Academy

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Open Letter To Parents

Dear Parent(s):

We at ARIZONA SHAOLIN KENPO ACADEMY want to make your child's involvement in the martial arts a very positive one. As always, we encourage your involvement in you child's endeavors here at ARIZONA SHAOLIN KENPO ACADEMY. So from time to time we will keep you informed of your child's progress as we strengthen them physically and challenge them mentally.

As students move into our intermediate and advanced training programs, we begin to place more emphasis on mental aspects of character, self-esteem, self-control, and concentration along with the on-going development of the physical aspects of strength, balance, leverage, timing, and advancement of other martial art skills. As challenges increase and rank promotion begins to require more work, it is not uncommon for young students to become temporarily discouraged. It is up to you as parents, and us as instructors, to make the difference between a child who meets and overcomes challenges and one who merely gives up. Your encouragement to your child's efforts takes on new significance at this time.

Young people need to have realistic goals that mean something to them. They also need our support and motivation to achieve them. Now is the perfect time for you and your child to establish goals. With your help, we at ARIZONA SHAOLIN KENPO ACADEMY can maximize the benefits of your child's martial arts training. If you wish, your instructor will be happy to offer his experience in helping you to establish these goals, so please feel free to make a consultation appointment at your convenience.

The instructors and staff at ARIZONA SHAOLIN KENPO ACADEMY are proud of our commitment to todays youth. Together we can make a difference in tomorrow's adults.

Should you at anytime have any questions concerning your child's progress, please feel free to call.

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