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Arizona Shaolin Kenpo Academy Newsletter

Volume 1

Issue 2

July 1997

Inside This Issue

Editor's Notes!

Karate Aerobics

Speaking of Workouts.....

Are you Aggressive or Assertive?

Passage Form "The Making of a Traditional Martial Artist"

Welcome New Students


Editor's Note

Welcome to the second edition and I hope you enjoyed the first issue! Again. if anyone has anything they would like to contribute, feel free to present it to Sensei Jerry. There is no "deadline"; material that doesn't make it in one month will make it in the next month with an open slot. Subject matter can be as varied as an opinion or commentary on some aspect of the martial arts, dojo happenings, how-to pieces on a training drill, or a bit of philosophy or even a legend. Use your imagination and we'll get your ideas into print!

Have a safe and happy July 4th


Some of you still have not been to the new (well, relatively new) Karate Aerobics class. What's up with that? It's so much fun! Of course, the first few times are a little awkward because of having to learn new movements, and you may tire easily at first. But, after a few weeks, you'll be amazed at how quickly you adjust and you'll get much stronger! So, all of you who haven't been or have stopped coming, get back in there! We have several people who aren't even in karate and they are doing just fine!

For those of you who haven't been or don't know what it is, it is a mixture of Karate and Aerobics. It is a system of exercise that is designed to promote the supply and use of oxygen in the body, as well as develope basic karate movements. It will increase your endurance, you energy level, help to train in basic kicks, blocks and punches, and help you burn fat so you can achieve and maintain proper weight!

Karate Aerobics helps your body to utilize large amounts of oxygen effciently. The presence of oxygen in muscle cells is necessary for the formation of a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP for short). The breakdown of ATP produces energy for the body. If the circulatory system cannot supply enough oxygen to the muscles or if the muscles can not use oxygen properly, the body produces smaller amounts of ATP. This results in early fatigue. Regular attendance of Karate Aerobics will enable a person to more comfortably perform such activities as: cycling, running, stair climbing, swimming, yard work, and of course KARATE TEST! Karate Aerobics on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, the most common form of heart disease.

So, start attending! There are many benefits, including fun! Don't be shy!

Don't even try to tell us that they can do it, but our karate students CAN NOT


Classes are held:

Tuesday - 6:30-7:30 PM

Thursday - 6:30-7:30 PM

Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorour mind.

---Samuel Johnson

Speaking of Workouts.....

Did you know that workouts are a form of stress? They are! But they're a very positive form of stress. They guide your body into adapting to new tasks by building muscle, new nerve connections, endurance, and cause a number of very beneficial hormones and nuero-chemicals to be released into you blood!

But, there is a down-side, that being the number of vitamins and minerals that are literally "burned up" and sweated out during a good workout! This is particularly true during the summer when you perspire more (heat is a form of stress in itself). Some of the valuable and necessary substances lost include: vitamin C, and all the B vitamins, and many minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and zinc. All of these need replaced for your body to function and heal properly.

One of the means of replacing these losses is through vitamin supplements. Supplements are a good idea due to the overly-processed, vitamin and mineral deficient nature of many of our foods. There are a number of products on the market available to choose from.

Sensei Jerry and many other students use a spray vitamin product called "Vitamist". Unlike pill vitamin forms, Vitamist has a very fast and high absorption rate. There are a variety of different formulas to choose from. If interested, talk to Sensei Jerry for details!

Are You Aggressive or Assertive

Being that we train in a manner that makes vigorous physical contact with others necessary and constant, I thought I'd bring up some points about the difference between aggressive and assertive behavior. A great deal of confusion seems to exist with respect to these two terms, and the fact that there is indeed quite a difference. As defined by sports psychology, aggresive behavior is behavior that includes intent to do harm or cause unnecessary damage to another person. Assertive behavior involves making one's presence felt without the intent of causing harm. Fair play, self control, and rules are observed in assertive efforts. Clearly, to say someone is aggressive is not a compliment to that person's character. An aggressive individual is, in martial arts or any other endeavor, a


Further, there are two types of aggression: hostile and instrumental. Hostile aggression is the over desire to cause damage; a "I'm going to rip his head off" attitude adopted to displace anger at other, more threatening issues or to prove strength. Instrumental aggression is committing deliberate damage in the completion of a tast, like winning a trophy, game point, or other award. An example of this type of aggression is; "I don't care if I have to break his nose to win this match, I'm going to do whatever it takes". Both types are obviously behavior way out of control.

Aggressive behavior shows a lack of respect for the rules of our dojo and a lack of regard for the safety of others. Aggessive behavior should be displayed only in the defense of one's own or another's life, not in the dojo, on the playing field, or other areas of life.

So are you aggressive or assertive

As an addition to thoughts on aggression and martial arts, I recently read a passage that, I think, beautifully expresses the spirit of bodo, the way of the warrior:

"A Japanese sword begins as a lump of insignificant metal. Through continued heating, pounding, and shaping, it is turned into a thing of great beauty; graceful, refined, sharp, polished.....and deadly. It is then shielded from the eyes of others within it's saya (scabbard). Exposed only when it's awesome power must be unleashed, it is then returned to it's resting place, not flaunted or flashed about to impress, entertain, or intimidate others.

The dojo is to the student as the forge is to metal, and through the same process the student is shaped into a martial artist. But, as a martial artist, as with the sword, rather than exhibit their power for all to see, they should also choose to keep it hidden until it is needed."

This passage was quoted from "The Making of a Traditional Martial Artist" by San Diego Budokai

It's summer! While training drink lots of water!


Hey purple belts and up!

A little bored this summer?

Are you in the Black Belt Club?

out our A.T.P. The BIG training tips are well worth the SMALL extra fee!

Tuesday - 7:30 PM

Saturday - 1:30 PM

Welcome New Students!

Michelle Forth

William Forth

A.J. Papsdorf

Jeff Rogers

Micheal Alexander

Da Scheffler

Ramona Scheffler


Happy Birthday in July to:

Roxann Duncan - 7/9

David Coon - 7/11

Yolanda Leon - 7/14

Jonathon Perez - 7/17

Alejandra Rico - 7/18

Anna Zamarripa - 7/26

Richard Heston - 7/29

Marlene Harris - 7/30

The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out.---Chinese Proverb

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