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Alright guys, I figured since I have a lot of new stuff going up, sometimes all at once, I'd put up a "what's new" page! So here it is. Here you will find what I am up to with this website and be informed about all the new stuff!

2006 Updates Are Here!

I know it is almost the end of 2006, but I've begun updating again. So far I have started up the rants section again, I changed the information for Stopping SIB in the Information section, I've changed my story yet again with current updates, I changed the Healing section in About healing and took out Not Saving Enough for the Swim Back. I edited both the Bipolar and Depresion sections of Disorders. Those are it for now.

I will be working on some new sections, a site map and more help. I hope to have them done by the new year.

And that's it!

2005 Update

Okay everyone- I've finally done it. We now have our own domain name: or YES! Angelfire will still be kept up to redirect visitors and whatnot and until I can change over the many sites that link here.

Other changes- you'll notice a few new sections- Tools For Healing is one of them, and that page discuss' Cognitive Distortions and how you can learn how to think in a more healthy manner, thus getting rid of self injury as a coping mechanism. This is very important to your healing- it changed my life for sure when I started doing the CD work.

Several pages have been re-written- Depression and My story, so check those out. Rants continue on.

SNAPSHOTS has some new posts to that, which are really interesting in my humble opinion so give that a look as well.

Also...obviously...the entire site has a new look to it- I hope you like it- more changes to come. If you need any help navigating around, send me an email:

These changes were for you please if you don't like something, do like something, please let me know via the feedback page or my email addy (above).

Enjoy the new and improved site!!

2004 Stuff
Yes, my site got a face lift! Several things: Yes, I now pay for this get rid of the ads and get more space wahoo...I guess that will be a few less Romen noodles I can afford this week :-) New sections: Information on SI and Thoughts o
n SI...more to come later. I'm too tired to write more :-)

A new section called LIVING. About my struggle between choosing life and death and how I ultimately arrived at choosing life...and fully embracing it. Just click here: LIVING.

Another new page added...this is just a long list of alternatives to self injury...check it out, and if you feel an urge coming on, please go to that page and see if you can't occupy yourself with something! Click here: ALTERNATIVES TO SI.

Two new pages have been added: first is a feedback place- you can provide me with feedback on if you like the site or not, or suggestions or any comment here: FEEDBACK.

And also a new section on, Why Self Injury Is Not a Good Coping Mechanism. Enjoy!

Things to come:
New information on the "why" of self injury and how to stop. New sections being planned: Hospital (if you're thinking about admitting yourself or having someone admitted), quotes from self injurers on various topics, information about suicide, bipolar section.

And that is the big part of my rehaul that is coming up. Will try to work on it some this weekend!

Two new poems are up in the poetry section. I added my blog, and with that I'm just putting together some of my best thoughts, since I have over 300 pages of rants...wanted to consolidate a bit. So just click here: ME and it will take you there...Also, will begin the job of massively updating my be on the look out for all kinds of new things. The three year anniversary of this site is coming up in I figured over the summer it was time for a re-haul. And so it begins.

My research study is now online!! Please click the following if you are interested in participating in my study!


Just wanted to let everyone know that the research project is soon under-way!! Just wanted to let you all know. There is a new link on the Table of Contents labeled research, so please check back there for continuing updates and also, I expect the questionnaires to be up by early next week, possibly the weekend!

Here's the link for the research: RESEARCH

Again, we are investigating if there are differences in terms of feeling pain during self injury and not feeling pain, and how it relates to whether if not you feel disconnected or how strongly you feel emotions, as well as other related variables. It is the attempt of this study to add some insight into the nature of this area of psychology.

I added a new page finally! I added a section called 'Hope'. It contains an excerpt from the My Story section and it deals with hope while fighting SI. Please check it out here: HOPE...and let me know what you think!

There is finally a new poll!!! Click here to go vote: Poll

Alrighty- LOTS of changes. I updated sections in the Breaking the Habit, Survival of SI, and Depression pages of my site. They needed updating, as I have accumulated knowledge over time and my recovery has gone through so many phases. So be checking back- I should have more and more up. As always, new rants and poetry are always features. But those are the major changes, as well as changing colors and graphics on a few things (I noticed some pages remained unchanged from when I was just using HTML straight up, now I have FrontPage and can do stuff better and easier on the eyes!). Enjoy the changes, give me feedback!

There is a bunch of new POETRY! Enjoy :-)

Rants galore!

The "My Story" section of my website has pretty much been completely rewritten- so check it out and let me know what you think: My Story

There is NEW poetry :-) in the Poetry Section.
Depression page rewritten

6-6 Took out the old poll which had been there for forever! The new one reflects a conversation I had with a professor and it's kind of interesting to me, considering I am majoring in psychology :-) So please take some time to check it out- thanks!

My privacy of this site has been violated for my Biological father (whom I haven't spoken to in five years) has discovered this site and me. Thus, no longer do I have the same freedom I once had and I would have to censor what I say. Well this censorship goes against principles I founded this site on.
Thus, I have temporiarly decided to not write in my rants section. So please, if you need to contact me directly- Also, members/readers, please send me emails to let me know how you feel about my rants section- do ya'll need it etc. Anyway, talk to you all soon. Take care.

NEW PAGE! I FINALLY created the Hospital experience in the hospital...look under the table of contents and its under the Rants and Raves section. Hope you guys like it, let me know!

I am finally switching the message board from Ezboard to MSN...there is an old link for ezboard still up until everyone gets switched over to MSN. I am sorry for any inconvenience...but I figured that the chat and message board would be better off in the same place..and from the votes in the poll sounds like everyone agree's. So please everyone, go to MSN to post your messages. Thanks guys!

NEW CHAT ROOM! That's right, I've switched to MSN for chat...the one catch is that you go to like the overall home page and there is CHAT on the left table of contents, so just click that- as for now I am NOT using MSN's message board...still with ezboard, HOWEVER on the message board, please put Chat Open if you are in chat currently, and chat closed for whoever is last one out...make sense?...please let me know if this is causing you guys any problems...I'll fix it somehow- so email me ( if you guys are having difficulty, okay?

A new poll for you guys! Sorry I've been leaving the others up so long...more like poll of the month, not week!

I have posted a new rant for you guys...sorry for the long absence. I'm trying to get everything! Anyway, check out the rant!

Still struggling...I have taken a break from the site (I started the break around the 18th) but I wanted to let you guys know that I am still here and with the site in spirit. I still read everything even if I can't respond. I love you all and hope this site can still help even if I can't always respond. Hopefully not too much longer until I'm back in the game, but hey this is how it goes sometimes. I will survive yet in would be too easy and Lord knows how damn stubborn I am! Take Care all and hope to talk to you all again in the coming weeks.

I've added a Chat Times! On M,W,F the time will be 9:00...I will be sticking my head in and out. Also on T, TH, I was thinking about 10 or 11pm...not a hudred percent, but ya'll can check in there. Hope this works for everyone...let me know. Also for those in the UK...let me know what times will work for you and I will try to accomodate!

Second update for the day: on the message board there is a subject line titled: Chat Open...this states that someone is in the chatroom...just hit "bump" or "chat" as a reply and bump it up to the top so people know when there is someone in the chat room...the same goes for when everyone leaves the chat...just bump "chat closed" to the top. Hope this works for everyone...just let me know!