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This is the most comprehensive I've found on the what, how, why, and how to stop, distract yourself, as well as a wealth of other items relating to Self Injury.
Self-injury: You are NOT the only one

This is another site that provides a lot of info on S.I. including points of view of people who engage in Self Injury.
Self Injury and Related Issues

The author of SIARI has created a companion site:An extensive one-stop listing of self-injury, abuse and trauma resources on the Web. Edited by UK counsellor and author. Frequently updated.
Self-Injury, Abuse & Trauma Resource Directory

Depression websites for the pain behind the addiction:
A good site on Depression facts etc.
Andrew's Depression Page

Coming Soon: Sites on Sexual Abuse...decided to put some up...considering that...yes, I was sexually abused. The site will come soon, and I also highly recommend the book, The Courage to Heal.

Coming soon
: Sites on Physical Abuse...same things as sexual...yes, I was physically abused, so I figured I outta put some sites up. I don't know of any books currently for that though.

Iíve decided to also include links on divorce, since I am a child of divorce. It took me a long time to find several sites that were beneficial to me, so I thought I could include the links I found helpful here. If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me as usual. I will try to put some more stuff up on Divorce soon.

Forgiveness Is A Gift You Give Yourself

Children of Divorce and Adjustment

Childrens Emotional Issues

Stepping Back From Anger

Surviving Divorce

Infidelity: The Lessons Children Learn