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My Mission

This is a place for hope, healing and understanding. Not enough attention is paid to those who are suffering from depression and engage in self harm. That is why this site was created. I will try to provide a safe haven where you can read about self injury: what it is, how you can stop and the healing after you stop. Perhaps the biggest difference of my website versus others is that I am giving you a survivors point of view. I have also created a place where I will update weekly to biweekly on my thoughts and struggles with recovery. You may identify with some things I go through. And lastly, I offer my ear to those in need. Feel free to email me anytime or leave a message on my guest book. I will listen and try my best to help you in the best way I can. There is also a support group you can join, Second Chances for Self Injury.

Take care and know you can beat this...